The University Theatre of Franche Comté is an association whose main
purpose is to introduce students and other members of the university to
live theatre through a programme of activities which includes workshops
(including workshops led by visiting personns), conferences and the
publication of a learned journal.

Within the framework of these activities, we organise each year, as we
have done for many years now, an International Student Theatre
Festival, which is a real opportunity for cultural exchange, and is
thus our principal reason for contacting you.

The aim of the festival is to welcome 4 to 5 companies in our city, to
cover half-board accomodation and free public transport in Besançon to
unable them to meet, with other?s customs habits and culturethrow
pratical theater workshops. In parrallel we organize a serie of
cultural eventslinking with guests countries (conferences, exhibitions,
network of relevant local association). For that purpose, we will cover
the coast of renting an auditorium in the city centre.

On the occasion of the 17° edition of our festival we would like to
focus on Asia but remain to any other suggestion.Therefore we are
loocking for university theater companiesfrom Asia or anywhere in the
world who might be interested in our project and who might which to
produce a show in Besançon. Any link your company might have with Asia
will be a plus and shows for children will also be welcomme.

This festival, our 17th International Student Theatre Festival, will
take place from 31st March to 3 rd April 2008 in Besançon, the capital
of Franche Comté, in France.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward very much to hearing
from you.

Yours faithfully

Marion Goudeau
On behalf of the UTFC team

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