ICAF (Rotterdam)  is an International Community Arts Festival sharing community arts from all over the world. Once every three years, ICAF brings together the most innovative, the most controversial, the most inspiring work and those involved in it. On 2 April we launched our latest publication, ICAF in the Picture, and premiered a specially produced film documentary on our festival. The book, which contains the history of ICAF and an easily readable story of how community art has developed in different corners of the world, is illustrated with stunning photographs of award-winning photographer Peter van Beek and others. To make the content accessible to as many people as possible, we will now release the publication online as well. Here you can download the .pdf file of ICAF in the Picture. For more information write to  info@icafrotterdam.com with the subject ‘ICAF in the Picture.’ We will send you an invoice for the amount (€15 for orders outside the Netherlands and €10 for domestic orders in Holland, both including postage) and will mail the package to you as soon as we receive your payment.