If you have been following the news in the Mediterranean, you know that the refugee crisis in the region has escalated to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. How do communities cope? How do artists respond? These and other questions will be debated at Between the Seas during our Special Event: exploring the experience of migrants and refugees.
Roundtable discussion: The Intimacy of Identity?  Tue 9/8 at 12.30pm
Free event. RSVP here.
Organized by UNGUARDED, this live participatory symposium connects members of the Afghan refugee community in Athens, Greece with Unguarded collective and their partners in NYC. The event is dedicated to Empowering the Voice of Refugees. All are invited to the open discussion to engage our performing arts practitioners and human rights activists in a collective effort to illuminate the different modes of approaching communication. How can/do we cultivate community sharing in Performance (Art)?