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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that we are organizing Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest this year, too, making this the 12 the edition of the festival,running from 28 November to 7 DecemberThe Hungarian Showcase Programme of CDF Budapest 2014 is going to take place between 4 December and 7 December.


Last year, the focus of the festival was on introducing the new generation of Hungarian theatremakers, which proved to be a successful choice and an immensely remarkable focus, based on the feedback from our guests. That is why we think it is important to continue this pursuit this year, too, however, we are also presenting the latest works of the most well-known representatives of Hungarian contemporary theatre, such as Béla Pintér and CompanyÁrpád Schilling,Sándor Zsótér and playwright-director duo the Mohácsi brothers.

What today’s Hungarian theatre makers are most interested in is the current social and political situation in Hungary. These thoughts and intentions are present in and are reflected by every single performance in the Hungarian Showcase Programme, which were chosen by a seven-member professional jury, regardless of the materials these playwrights and directors are working from. This tendency hasn’t appeared in such an intensive way in any of our showcases.

We are proud to present original results of performance writing, from theatre makers such as Béla PintértheMohácsi brothersPéter Kárpáti,  Dániel Kovács and PálGöttinger with the help of novelist Márton Gerlóczy (with astage adaptation of Márton Gerlóczy’s novel). There is also going to be a chance for you to see guest performances from abroad (Regensburg, Bratislava, Cluj Napoca).

 We are also still on the mission to present performances of utmost genre and aesthetical diversity. This is reflected by the Showcase Programme, which contains performances of author’s theatre, physical theatre, dance theatre, concert theatre and youth theatre.

Also at the time of the Hungarian Showcase Programme, weare organizing aninternational conference on 5 Decemberdiscussing self-sustainable cultural and theatreproduction and cultural activism with the help ofinternational experts, in the framework of workshops.

Also, in connection with the Showcase Programme, theIndustry and Encounter Series is organized, in the framework of which national and international presenters, producers and artists will have the opportunity to meet, to exchange ideas and to discuss touring opportunities and possible future collaborations.

You can join us at the Festival Club in the Jurányi Incubator House after the performances in the evenings which offers different kinds of entertaining cultural programmes.


Unfortunately, our financial situation has not improved immensely compared to last year’s. The Hungarian National Cultural Fund has only increased last year’s support of 3500euros to about 6500 euros. Therefore, CDF 2014 can offer the following conditions for guests:

  • Free tickets for the performances of the Showcase Programme; 
  • Free participation in the Conference and the Industry Series
  • additional information including details of all shows, producer contacts and a CDF 2014 DVD show reel.
  • As for accommodation, foreseeably,  we can provide free accommodation to a limited amount of guests and discount price accommodation to others
  • All the performances will be subtitled or simultaneously translated into English; 
  • Assistance of our volunteers throughout the festival.

We are going to send you a formal invitation with details about the Showcase Programme and the registration form within a week.                                                                            

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Mária Szilágyi Festival Director and Dorottya Zsófia BacsiVisitors’ Programme Coordinator


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