Dell'Arte has been selected to receive a $350,000 grant from ArtPlace America!  Our project, The Mad River Industrial Art Park, was selected as one of 50 projects to receive funding from over 1200 applications.  Our project is one of a handful of projects being funded in rural communities.

The basis of these grants is this Theory of Change: Art and culture produce a more vibrant and diverse community, which improves the place, which attracts and retains human capital, which produces economic benefits and spurs new investment, which leads to a more vibrant community.

We will be releasing much more information about this project in the near future. But for the moment, the most succinct statement about our project is as follows:

As a pioneer in creating “theatre of place,” Dell’Arte and its partners will bring that vision of creative placemaking to the rebranding and activation of the Mad River Industrial Art Park. Through curated arts programming, visual identifiers and the expansion of its own Mad River Festival to this space, Dell’Arte will connect art, industry and artisanal cultural work to promote economic development in the rural California community of Blue Lake. This support was given in the category of “Using Art to Strengthen Business and the Economy.”

We anticipate a good amount of publicity about this award and the project which is funded over an 18 month period, from June 2013 – December 2014. So you may also be reading about it in national publications. Find out more: | | @ArtPlaceAmerica