Saturday, April 7, 2012, 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm;
also Saturday, May 12, 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm

A one-day workshop  at  the Brecht Forum facilitated by Julia Lee Barclay

In this beginning workshop, we will break down both the basic elements of how we communicate with each other and the (mostly unspoken/hidden) rules which govern that communication. Working with verbal and gestural clichés relating to class, race, religion and gender, we will look at how (and to whom) we speak, and develop tools that will enable us to get underneath social clichés in a playful way, thus coaxing the hidden rules into the room. By doing so, those rules will be shown to be mutable rather than fixed.

These tools are useful both for creating new kinds of political-philosophical performances and interactions, and also for learning new ways of communicating within and among groups which are
interested in getting beyond stale patterns of hierarchical/binary “that's the way it is” thinking. This workshop offers some basic tools to help change old perceptions and to allow for new ways of making
things happen.

The Cutting It Up workshop evolved from more than a decade of work with actors, dancers, writers, visual artists and musicians in experimental theater labs in New York City (The Present Company,
1997-2001) and in London (Apocryphal Theatre, 2004-2011).

This workshop is open to all and no prior theater experience is necessary to participate. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Please write to for further information or to let us know you will be attending.

Julia Lee Barclay is an award-winning director and writer whose work has been published and produced internationally. She lived in NYC for most of her professional life, and, having lived and worked in London for the past eight years, returned home in October 2011. She received a practice-as-research PhD from the University of Northampton (UK) in December 2009, for which she received a full fellowship, and was the founding Artistic Director of Apocryphal Theatre in London from 2004-2011. She has led these workshops at many universities, conferences, festivals and other venues throughout Europe and the US.

Many of her plays have been published in anthologies and most can be read online at She writes about her shifting roles and identities on her blog Somewhere in Transition (, which may also prove the basis
for a performance in the near future. She is Adjunct Assistant Professor at CUNY, teaching acting (Hunter College) and interpersonal communications (Bronx Community College).

Tuition–sliding scale: $35-$65

Register online: (April 7) (May 12)

Brecht Forum

451 West Street (West Side Highway, at Bank Street, one block north of West Eleventh Street)

New York City