CFPs (conference):  Arabic Lit at North-East MLA -Toronto

Northeast Modern Language Association

46th Annual Convention

Toronto, Ontario

April 30-May 3, 2015

Abstract deadlne: Sept. 30 2014


21st C Tunisian Women Writers’ Literary Production (Sponsor: Women in French)

This roundtable invites papers exploring the twenty-first century literary production of Tunisian women writers in French and/or Arabic. Possible topics include : preoccupations, aspirations and dreams; changes from traditional to contemporary society; physical and spiritual relationships and alliances; literary devices to circumvent censorship; women and revolution; women and sexuality; challenges to male-centered models. All critical and theoretical approaches welcome. 

Chair: Anna Rocca

The City in Contemporary Arab Women’s Writings

This panel seeks papers that focus on the representations of the city in the literature of the Arab Uprising and in all contemporary Arab women's writings, both fictional and non-fictional: travel narratives, autobiographies, memoirs, testimonials, etc. Possible topics include but are not limited to: rebel cities, Utopian cities, cities at war, cities of exile, foreign cities, World capitals, literary capitals, sacred cities.

Chair: Rania Said


Memory, Trauma, and Violence in Modern Arabic Literature

This seminar welcomes papers that discuss how acts of violence and trauma have been remembered, invoked, and commemorated in Modern Arabic Literature. Trauma here is not limited to the outcomes of historical events but includes the ongoing trauma of the everyday; of experiencing political coercion and state apathy; of living under patriarchy, of struggling in poverty; as well as a mental situation meriting close attention. Please submit abstracts of no more than 250 words to Diana Obeid.

Chair: Diana Obeid

Space and Place in World Literature

This panel seeks to bring together papers that explore the issues of space and place in world literature. We are interested in work that investigates the multiple ways in which space and place are imagined, produced, and consumed, or disputed and dismantled in today’s world literature. Presenters are encouraged to explore the panel’s theme using a variety of methodological approaches, situating the work both within global and national contexts.

Chairs: Alla Ivanchikova, Michael Modarelli


Teaching World Literature at the Boundaries: Methods, Approaches, and Practices

This roundtable seeks to explore new approaches to the teaching of world literature to college undergraduates, especially those in survey courses. How can we introduce students to traditional issues of national myths and exile in new and innovative ways? What are the boundaries of ‘world literature’ and how can we shape our syllabi and course goals to extend to exciting horizons beyond these limits? Please submit 300-500 word abstracts to Michael Modarelli or Alla Ivanchikova.

Chairs: Alla Ivanchikova, Michael Modarelli

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