Call for Papers for Special issue on Brazil


Call for Papers for a Special Issue of TTR (Canadian translation studies journal)

Topic: “Translating Brazil in the 21st Century”  

Co-editors: Clara Foz. Associate Professor, School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Ottawa

Christopher Larkosh. Associate Professor of Portuguese, UMass Dartmouth (USA)

Submissions are requested for an upcoming Special Issue of TTR entitled Translating Brazil in the 21st Century.  This issue will include not only academic articles in translation studies, but also translations into French and/or English of key texts on translation from Brazil from Portuguese into French and/or English. 

In recent years, interest in Brazilian literature and culture, the world's largest Portuguese-speaking nation, has grown as its economy and political stature continue to assume ever greater importance on the world stage, both as one of the members of Mercosur and well as one of the emerging BRICS nations. Not only does Brazil's 200 million Portuguese speakers make the language the 7th most widely spoken language in the world and the 3rd most popular language of the Internet, but also the most widely spoken language in the Southern Hemisphere. Moreover, as interest in South-South translational networks continues to grow, so does the importance of Brazil as a translational hub for re-imagining global transcultural flows at the start of the 21st century. Not only are Brazilian literature and cinema receiving increasing critical attention, both in the original and in translation, but also its status as a mass media powerhouse and the site of both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games will continue to put the international spotlight squarely upon Brazil and its globally translated culture over the next decade.

While the thematic focus allows for considerable flexibility, some of the essential topics that will no doubt be considered for this issue are:

–Translating the colonial encounter and its aftermath, and related challenges in postcolonial thought

–Histories of/in translation

–Translation of literary genres (Romanticism, realism, Avant-garde, modernisms, postmodern and experimental writing)

–Translation and global migrational flows (Europe, Japan, Arab World, North America, Africa etc.) 

–Translational flows: Brazil/Anglophone Canada, Brésil/Québec.  

–Translating theory 

–Translating sexuality/gender and 'race'/ethnicity 

–South-South translation

–Translation networks and the marketing of Brazilian cultural production

–Community interpreting, esp. in indigenous and African diaspora communities

Submissions are welcome in English, French or Portuguese. For more information, please contact Co-Editors Christopher Larkosh ( and/or Clara Foz (