Dear All: A Save-the Date and Call for Proposals. Our next Arts in the One World Conference will be held Thursday January 15 through Sunday January 18. The theme – "Motherhood and Revolution: How women, and mothers in particular, are innovating in conflict and post conflict circumstances, and expanding the models for ways in which one is an artist/activist in the world." A thread through the conference will be esthetic diversity – how new economic academic models in the arts require a breadth of expressive styles and techniques. Send abstracts, recommendations for panels, names of folks we should contact, or any agenda items you would be interested in having us pursue to me (address at letter’s end) by October 1, 2008. For those of you new to the conference: 

AOW is an annual gathering hosted by the School of Theater, conceived and executed in collaboration with the broad participation of the Institute as a whole. Students and faculty from CalArts and around the world, a long with the general public, are invited to discuss and present on the various ways artistic, political, and historical purposes intersect (reconciliation, the recovery of historical memory, advocacy for justice, the formation and maintenance of libraries as places for knowledge creation). It is the local anchor of an ongoing artistic exchange CalArts conducts with the Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center in Rwanda, where each summer a group of students, faculty, and professionals travel to Rwanda and Uganda, to study genocide and acts of mass violence, exploring the ways in which art may participate in the processes of renewal.

 Our partner in hosting and building the event is the Interdisciplinary Genocide Study Center (Rwanda), our sister library in Kigali – where the Tutsi genocide is researched, testimony is gathered, negationism is resisted, and a social space for survivors is afforded. 

Notes from past conferences or summer programs are available on request.


If you’re interested in coming, or have recommendations as to structure or content, please get in touch!



Erik Ehn

Dean, School of Theater

California Institute of the Arts

24700 McBean Parkway

Valencia, CA 91355