Call for Applications: NYU-SCPS Center for Global Affairs Graduate Certificate in Peacebuilding

The past decade in global affairs has served as a reminder that understanding the necessary components of peacefulness, and determining how to strengthen them, may be the most important challenges for internationally minded institutions. Many organizations now seek individuals who have the capability to utilize both the lens and the skill sets offered by peacebuilding to help develop policies and programs that contribute to more sustainably peaceful societies.

The 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Peacebuilding is designed to meet the needs of both new and mid-career professionals who already operate in the international arena, but who need specific knowledge about the emerging theory and practice of peacebuilding in order to enhance their career opportunities. Students enrolled in the program will have the chance to investigate major theories and practices of international relations, and to examine how the emergence of peacebuilding thought reinforces some common approaches to global affairs, while transforming others.

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Peacebuilding will emerge with strengthened skills in: critical thinking about peace and conflict; conflict assessment and analysis; peace and conflict research; mediation; and peacebuilding program development and management.

The admissions criteria for the Graduate Certificate in Peacebuilding and the M.S. in Global Affairs are the same, and individuals who successfully earn the Certificate can apply course credits toward the completion of the M.S. in Global Affairs.

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