August 2014: A New North: Contemporary Writing from Finland

August 2014: A New North: Contemporary Writing from Finland

This month we present fiction from Finland

Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen's dementia patient loses his memory but develops second sight.

Sofi Oksanen pens a vivid recreation of the bombing of Talinn in 1940 

Leena Krohn sends a writer to the reading from the hell

And more from  Kari HotakainenTiina Laitila KälvemarkDaniel KatzJoonas KonstigMaritta LintunenMikko RimminenShimo SuntilaPetri Tamminen, and Antti Tuuri


With new writing from Ukraine by Taras AntypovychTanya Malyarchuk, andSashko Ushkalov, introduced by Oleksandr Mykhed  

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The Child Anthem 

By Nathalie Handal 

The children are not dead

They are shadows in every tank

They are echoes in every soldier more>>>

New in French: Les Sauvages by Sabri Louatah 

By Mathilde Billaud-Walker

Les Sauvages (“The Barbarians”), the first novel by Parisian writer Sabri Louatah, is a turbulent portrait of a contemporary France divided between a desire for globalization and a wave of nationalism. more>>>

Anne Posten reviewsAntonio Ungar's The Ears of the Wolf 

It is this instability, this dance between beauty and horror, fear and elation, and this delicate navigation of power, which can turn one into the other, that animates Antonio Ungar’s singular, captivating novel. more>>>

The War to End All Wars 

By Georgia de Chamberet

August 2014 is the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, which marked the life of millions. Described by the Italian soldier, politician, and writer Emilio Lussu as being “Big game hunting of men by men,” much has been written about its legacy. The deluge of books in English is such that writing from the other countries involved tends to fall by the wayside. more>>>

Ethan Alexander Perets reviewsGonçalo M. Tavares'sA Man: Klaus Klump 

Gonçalo M. Tavares is a writer that trades in oppositions. And business is good.