This group is devoted to the exploration, discussion and promotion of all issues related to Arabic and Islamic theatre(s) and cultural practices, ideally with a view to comparable ones in other parts of the world. However, as the members of the group gradually define its emphases, the term "Arabo-Islamic" will remain flexible, indicating a general area of research and praxis without necessarily becoming exclusive. It should thus include dramatists and practitioners from Arabo-Islamic countries but working in languages other than Arabic; it also encompasses non-Arab theatre in the Arab world (Berber and Nubian for example) as well as closely related non-Arab traditions (such as those of Turkey and Iran). 

The same flexibility applies to the group's understanding of the word "theatre" which is defined here as a vast number of interrelated performative and embodied cultural practices not simply confined to the theatre as narrowly conceived. 

The group is open to all scholars and practitioners willing to endorse these aims and perspectives.

The list is founded and moderated by Hazem Azmy (University of Warwick, UK) under the mentorship of Professor Marvin Carlson (City University of New York, USA). Other co-moderators are Farah Yeganeh (Iran) and Eyad Houssami (Syria/USA).


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