Dear Friends –

For the last couple months we have been in touch with many activists globally who are involved in the Occupy Movement.

There have been some amazing experiences that have been told, recorded and performed.

The Civilians is happy to host a kick off Occupy Your Mind performance night at Judson Church at 55 Washington Square Park in New York City April 26.  Judson Church has been a huge supporter and refuge for many activists in the Occupy Movement.  Occupy Faith was also started at Judson Church, there will be a story on April 26th from the founder of Occupy Faith.

Occupy Your Mind is a grassroots project dedicated to collecting the living history of the Occupy movement through interviews and live performances shared online.

Performers that evening will be from The Civilians, Arts Diaspora NYC, and Judson Church.

OCCUPY YOUR MIND is an "open-source" project – you can curate your own night of Occupy Your Mind performances and use our free database of scripts.  You can also contribute to the project by uploading your work to our site.  We will post your transcripts and videos on our database as well.