Anna Asli Suriyah (I Come From Syria)- New York

Saturday, August 09, 2014 through Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Presented by Polybe + Seats 

6917 5th Ave, 2nd Floor 

Brooklyn, NY 11209 

Between Ovington Avenue & Bay Ridge Avenue 


"Habibti, I feel I need to be there."

Length: 1 hr 30 mins 

Intermission: None

Seating: General Admission

You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

Polybe + Seats presents an immersive night of theater, blending scenes drawn from personal stories and news reports with elements of fantasy and Arabic folktales. Beit Jeddo will be transformed into a Syrian banquet hall, with the action moving from Aleppo to a refugee camp on the Turkish border to the U.S. and back. Our multi-national, multi-lingual cast presents a show that highlights the difficult choices Syrian and Syrian-American people must make as they grapple with the current crisis, and celebrates the drive to stay connected over great distances and barriers.

“The inspiration for creating this piece,” says Sakaan, “is that I realized that as a theater artist I have an opportunity to tell a story that’s not being told, of people who are actually experiencing this crisis from the inside out. Creating this show with my theater company is a celebration of the power and the freedom I have to tell this story. Instead of denying what’s going on, or disengaging from the conversation, I consider it my responsibility to make this play as an American and as the daughter of an immigrant who left his homeland to gain access to freedoms he couldn’t have in Syria.”

“Collaborating with Sarah on this production is thrilling,” says Brater.“Her vision combines personal experience and family history with traditional Arabic storytelling, music and ritual to bring an international humanitarian crisis to our attention. Our fantastic production team is making work that is moving, funny, surprising and exciting. We look forward to welcoming audiences”

The team

Conceived by Sarah Badiyah Sakaan with Jessica Silsby Brater

Written by Sarah Badiyah Sakaan with the company

Directed by Jessica Silsby Brater

Produced by Katie Naka and Polybe + Seats

Featuring Ayse Eldek, Tom Giordano, Nuah Oryzel, Sarah Badiyah Sakaan & Pascale Seigneurie

Set and Object Designer: Dan Soule

Lighting Designer: Natalie Robin

Costume Designers: Karen Boyer and Bevan Dunbar

Sound Design and Musical Composition: Soraya Odishoo

Choreographic Consultant and Movement Coach: Lindsay Torrey

Stage Manager and Assistant Director: Naomi Boyce

Assistant Stage Manager: Emily Schwerdtfeger

Accessibility Note: There is one flight of stairs to the performance area; the performance space is not wheelchair-accessible.