On February 14th, The Global Theatre Project's Creative Campus Global Initiative will organize a participation in Eve Ensler's global action, ONE BILLION RISING.  Students studying abroad in Florence will work with residents of the city to create a Flash mob event of spoken word, puppets and dance in one of the city's most prominent piazzas.

We are looking for student involvement with creating the puppets with our puppet master, assisting our choreographer to teach the dance to members of the Florence community, manipulating the puppets at the event and participating in a bilingual spoken word piece which leads into the dance.  As well as helping to spread the word!

For further information about the event please send them to
If they are interested in participating in the creation of the event please send them to

Thank you so much and please feel free to pass this to any colleagues who do have students in Florence at this time.

Bari Hochwald
Artistic Director
The Global Theatre Project
818 823 0891