Historical dialogue and accountability is a growing field of advocacy and scholarship that encompasses the efforts of conflict, post-conflict, and post-dictatorial societies to come to terms with their pasts. Historical dialogue seeks to analyze past violence; to acknowledge the victims of human rights abuses; to challenge and deconstruct national, religious, or ethnic memories of heroism and victimhood; the field also attempts to foster shared work between two or more sides of a conflict; to identify and monitor how history is misused to divide societies; to enhance public discussion about the past.

The fellowship program gives participants the opportunity to engage in training, networking, project work, and academic study at Columbia University in New York City. During the Fellowship participants will also design a project that addresses a long standing sectarian conflict, history of repression or past gross human rights violations in their society, country or region.

Applications are being accepted for the fall semester of 2013 (August 28, 2013 – December 14, 2013) fellowship program. The program is part of the Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability (AHDA). AHDA offers fully funded fellowships which will cover travel, visa, and accommodation costs as well as a modest stipend to cover day to day living expenses during the program. In exceptional cases, self-funded candidates will be considered. We encourage interested parties from around the world and from a wide range of professional sectors—including, but not limited to, human rights practitioners, journalists, academics, educators, filmmakers, artists—to apply. Special funding is available for fellow(s) who address religious conflict. 

Deadline: 1 March.

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