Budhan Theatre, an Ahmedabad based community theatre group has reclaimed the identity of Chharas, a denotified tribe of India as the artist community by removing the stigma of an ex-criminal tribe. It is the 14th year of the journey to use theatre art for community development. We feel that, since theatre revealed our historical identity of an entertainer community, and now it is give-back time for Budhan Theatre to the theatre world of the country. We want to provide a platform for the theatre groups from  Gujarat and other states in Ahmedabad city by organizing National level theatre festival called Ahmedabad Theatre Festival (ATF). Theatre groups who are in search of spaces are welcome to the Ahmedabad Theatre Festival. Groups who are using any form of theatre whether it is experimental, mainstream or folk, all are welcome to participate. We encourage groups to bring performances in their own language or dialect.  The dates for the festival are 20 to 25 February 2012.

Budhan Theatre will be happy to reimburse the travel cost of second class Rail fare of your group from your city to Ahmedabad. Budhan Theatre will also take care of your lodging and food during your stay in the Ahmedabad. We will also be happy to provide you the minimum requirement for the production like lights, make-up, sound and projectors. Please note that we will not be able to provide sets requirement of your production.    

We can proceed further to give you more details if you are interested to participate in ATF and encourage Budhan Theatre. The last date for registration is 10 January 2012. Please reply as soon as possible. 

For further information please visit www.budhantheatre.org