You are invited into the conversation and campaign for My Heart is in the East
My Heart is in the East. A new play by Jessica Litwak.
My Heart is in the East is a socially engaged theatre piece that explores history as a model for peacebuilding. It travels from New York City to the Middle East and back again. Through personal story, poetry and a cast of two actors and 10 puppets it creates space for questions of art, peace, transformation and possibilities.
What is possible when you travel across the divide?
Can art and history help us move from conflict to peace?
What can a puppet say that a human cannot?
After each performance the audience will engage in a poetry contest inspired by the performance followed by a guided discussion about art, peace and what is within them as they immerse in the play and possibilities.
For those not in New York City there is a special event that you can join – Saturday May 9th  Culture Club Event.  Telepresence Dissertation Defense and International Discussion.
This is a unique event where Jessica Litwak presents a public performance-lecture about the artistic, theoretical and political implications of My Heart is in the East with people connected virtually from around the world.  A Q & A session will follow. Dr. Carolyn Kenny a Native American Musicologist from Vancouver will chair the event.
As we get closer I will re – connect with the details you need to join. On May 10th there will be a puppet making workshop and the performances and discussion will be held at La Mama Experimental Theatre Club May 16 & 17th. More Details of the workshop and performances to come.
To make all of this possible we have launched  a crowdfunding campaign on Start Some Good – a fundraising platform that supports those doing “good” in the world.
CLICK on the link to see our campaign. If inspired please donate. Any amount helps – big or small.
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YOU are invited into the conversation we are having and wish to expand.  We are listening.