Globalization has shrunk arts universe, leading to greater integration and interdependence, but also complications 
Arizona Republic, 9/1/2008 

Richard Nilsen looks at some ways that "increased interdependence of nations and cultures around the world" has affected the arts. He cites such developments as increased interest in art and artists from other parts of the globe; decentralization of artist populations; higher costs for international transactions because of the weakened U.S. dollar; and increased difficulty in obtaining visas for visiting foreign artists.

Guest column: Use public diplomacy to boost U.S. image 

Des Moines Register (IA), 8/25/2008 

Doug Wilson, a former congressional director for the U.S. Information Agency, responds to a recent column by Rick Barton and Matthew Rojansky on how to boost the U.S. image abroad through public diplomacy. Wilson critiques, "Expecting Nike or Coke to welcome government efforts to piggyback messages onto their global ad campaigns is a non-starter. The public and private sectors don't engage together that way internationally. . . . [M]ost critical and central to public-diplomacy success [is a] quality corps of skilled public-diplomacy practitioners."