Words without Borders: Nepal's Many Voices

New Writing from Nepal 
This month we're delighted to present a collection of Nepali writing curated by the writer and critic Manjushree ThapaNayan Raj Pandeyfollows a bumbling politician on his rounds, Sulochana Manandhar pays tribute to the night in a series of poems, and Amar Nyaupane describes the confusion of a child groom with gentle humor. 

Words without Borders: New Writing from Guatemala, October 14

Where: Community Bookstore, 143 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

When: Tuesday, October 14, 7:00 

Image: Lourdes de la Riva, "Artificio 001,” 2012.  From the series "Los Creadores”

In celebration of its October 2014 issue of new writing from Guatemala, Words without Borders and Community Bookstore will host a bilingual reading and discussion with Eduardo Halfon, Rodrigo Fuentes, and Idra Novey. We hope you'll come out to help us celebrate Guatemalan literature. More here.

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October 28, 2014, 6:30 PM. At Tribeca Three Sixty.
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The City and the Writer: In Tulsa with Rilla Askew 
By Nathalie Handal 

Can you describe the mood of Tulsa as you feel/see it.

In a word: regeneration. Conceived on Muscogee/Creek Indian land, born half-wild in the throes of an early twentieth-century oil boom, Tulsa has cycled through multiple booms and busts. more >>>

Buying Time: On Translating Taras Antypovych

By Uilleam Blacker 

As a writer of science fiction in the Ukrainian language, Taras Antypovych is a relatively rare phenomenon. more>>>

My Favorite Bookstore: Hedengren's in Stockholm, Sweden 
By Magdalena Sorensen 

In the most elegant part of the polished city of Stockholm, in the city’s financial center, in a luxurious mall called Sturegallerian, there’s a dark, slightly dusty place where you get no music, no shiny white surfaces, no two-for-one-deals, no espresso machine. It’s a bookstore and it’s called Hedengrens. more>>>


Edgard Telles Ribeiro's His Own Man 
Reviewed by Julian Murphy

In His Own Man, nations, like the individuals therein, adapt and change such that their contemporary states bear little resemblance to their earlier incarnations.more>>>