Notes from the Field was published on-line as part of the Theatre Without Borders website. Its aim is to provide a forum for individual theatre artists to share and reflect on their experiences working in diverse communities around the world. TWB is committed to mutual respect, inclusivity and open exchange, and we welcome submissions which explore various methodologies, practices and projects which take place in international contexts. We encourage dialogue and reflection but in keeping with its model, Doctors Without Borders, TWB does not take political positions, and does not publish articles which advocate specific political viewpoints.

Articles may be written specifically for Notes from the Field or may be reprints of work published previously. We prefer submissions to be between two and ten pages (previously published longer articles may also be considered. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain written permission to reproduce copyrighted material). Articles range from simple synopses to fuller essays, and should be clearly written and focused on experiences “in the field.”


Please contact us regarding your proposed submission using the contact form.