On 20 and 21 June 2013 we shall examine and celebrate the role of art in peace and reconciliation processes.

During a two-day Community Arts symposium and festival, we look at how art brings communities together, not only here in the Netherlands but in places which have seen significantly greater problems, such as Peru, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, Serbia, Israel, Palestine, Guatemala and Afghanistan. There will be presentations, workshops and performances highlighting the impressive work that community artists have done in various parts of the world. Registration starts the 30th of March.
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20 June: Community Arts research festival

Day 1: The focus of the first day is on artists who work in conflict zones, often at great personal risk, attempting to achieve reconciliation and to rebuild society through the medium of art.

What motivates them? What is special about the art they create in this exceptional setting? What can we say about western artists who believe that they, as neutral observers, can help to secure peace in former war zones? What contribution do they make, and what is their reward?

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CAL Utrecht

The Community Arts Lab Utrecht (CAL Utrecht) has been actively collecting knowledge about community arts projects since 2006. On 20 and 21 June 2013, CAL Utrecht will hold its grand finale with a conference tying in with the festival, an international programme of public events and the publication of a book and DVD about its research. Activities will include participatory workshops, inspiring lectures and special performances.

Established with the primary aim of anchoring, expanding and fleshing out art projects for and in coordination with people who normally have little exposure to such activities, CAL Utrecht supports artists, art projects and gatherings and publishes its own newsletter and other publications. To sign up for CAL Utrecht programme updates, please send an email to Margreet Bouwman.

Connecting with the community

Community art is all about accessibility, taking shape literally around the corner and keyed to the participants and local context of the particular project. Invariably, the artist depends to a greater or lesser extent on the surrounding community in which he or she is working. In 2012 and 2013 we will be offering various talented artists and organizations that have captured our interest in recent years a stage to develop additional projects. Click here to consult an overview of projects.


In the autumn of 2010, CAL Utrecht kicked off CAL XL, a national platform designed specifically to improve the production climate for community arts projects in the Netherlands.
See www.cal-xl.nl.