The following urgent message was received today from our friends at
the Jenin Freedom Theatre in Palestine. Please forward it widely.


From The Freedom Theatre
Jenin, West Bank, Occupied Palestine
September 10, 2012

On September 9, 2012 Zakaria Zubeidi announced that he will embark on
a death fast–a complete food and fluid strike, in response to the
continuous postponement of his release from a Palestinian Authority
prison. This effectively means that unless the Palestinian Authority
releases Zakaria he will most probably not make it through the week.

Zubeidi, co-founder of The Freedom Theatre and former leader of the
Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, has been imprisoned by the Palestinian
Authority for close to four months. No charges have been made against
him, no evidence presented and throughout his imprisonment his rights
have been severely violated, as described by among others Human Rights
Watch (

Being one of the last survivors of Arna's Children(1), Zakaria joined
the armed resistance during the second Intifada and became one of its
leading figures. After co-founding The Freedom Theatre in 2006 Zakaria
decided to lay down his weapons in order to join a cultural
resistance, which he deemed a more powerful tool against the Israeli
occupation. Surviving numerous assassination attempts by the Israeli
army and vowing to never again enter an Israeli prison, Zakaria is now
instead facing death in a Palestinian prison unless immediate action
is taken.

The Freedom Theatre urges all its friends and supporters to:

* Contact the local representative office of the Palestinian
Authority(2) and demand Zakaria Zubeidi's release. Since the situation
is urgent we also ask you to take more direct actions such as
organising protests at PA representative offices.

* Contact local or regional human rights offices and organisations
such as Amnesty International and urge them to take action.

* Contact your local MP and MEP and urge them to take action [or
Senators and Congressional representative in the United States].

* Contact your country's representative office in the occupied
Palestinian territory and urge them to take action(3).

* Call these numbers to demand Zakaria's release: +972 (0)599000011
Abo Mohammad Shadeh, Head of the Palestinian Authority President’s
Security Office; +972 (0)2000011 Said Abualheja, Ministry of Interior;
+972 (0)-597778887 Majd Faraj, Head of Palestinian Intelligence.

Social Media Campaigns

* Twitter: #Freezakaria

* Facebook:,

* Website:

Sample Letter

To [Name], representative of the Palestinian Authority:

I am a staunch supporter of the Palestinian people and therefore I am
now contacting you on an urgent matter. It has come to my knowledge
that Zakaria Zubeidi, co-founder of The Freedom Theatre in Jenin and
former military leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades has been kept
in a Palestinian prison for over four months without any charges or
accusations brought against him. I have also been informed that
Zakaria's human rights have been violated on several accounts and that
as a result he has started a death fast, refusing water or food. That
means that he will die within 8-10 days and most probably before that
suffer irreversible effects to his health. I urge you to take
immediate actions for Zakaria's release. If you, as a representative
of the Palestinian Authority will allow Zakaria to die then you must
also know that I and many others will consider you partly responsible
for his death.

I trust that you understand the need for your immediate response to this case.

Sincerely Yours,






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