The U.S. State department recently posted some opportunities in the arts.

Summaries below.

The Office of Citizen Exchanges in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State invites proposal submissions from eligible U.S. non-profit arts and educational organizations to develop and administer an international exchange program in hip hop and urban arts that incorporates artistic collaboration, professional development and outreach to youth to explore and address conflict resolution strategies. This project will incorporate multi-disciplinary hip hop and urban arts collaborations to provide innovative opportunities to engage youth and underserved communities overseas. The impact of the project will be extended through the development of an international network of hip hop and urban arts professionals, and a creative film and/or media component to document this multidisciplinary community collaboration program.

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State invites proposal submissions for the design and implementation of the Community Engagement through the Arts exchange program. Using mural arts and/or new media arts as a means for engaging youth, artists, and underserved community members, American artists will travel abroad and advance U.S. foreign policy goals in that country by addressing a local community issue, such as women’s empowerment, HIV-AIDS prevention, social inclusion, conflict resolution, and the environment. Working with a community to develop a tangible art work, the program should reach wide audiences, while also fostering in-depth engagement with specific groups, such as women and underserved youth. To further community engagement, the artists should conduct workshops, master classes, talks, public events, and/or other outreach activities while abroad, in addition to designing and executing murals and/or new media art work. Four to eight artists will participate in the program. Each artist will travel to one country for three to four weeks, resulting in four to eight distinct projects. Specific countries will be determined by the Bureau.

The Office of Citizens Exchanges in The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) invites proposal submissions to develop and administer two-three week professional development projects that will take place in the United States and provide international arts experts with in-depth opportunities to work with leaders from the American arts and education communities. The Cultural Visitors Program will provide foreign artists and arts professionals with an opportunity to undertake uniquely designed intensive projects in the United States that are designed to enhance their expertise and ultimately to increase their employment  opportunities. Foreign participants will strengthen their career potential and deepen their understanding of U.S. society and culture through their participation in workshops, shadowing experiences and roundtable discussions with their American peers. Projects may also include meetings with high-level U.S. arts organization leaders and lecture demonstrations. Depending on thematic program content and U.S. Department of State foreign policy goals, a project may include an individual foreign participant or a small delegation of three to five foreign artists. Each project will consist of 14 to 21 programming days in the U.S. and must include a Washington D.C. component.

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State invites proposal submissions for the design, implementation and administration of an exchange program (Economic Statecraft and the Arts) that sends small delegations (approximately 3-8 members) of recognized American creative and business experts abroad to provide a 360° perspective of a creative economy and to contribute to the development of a creative economy in emerging democracies and markets. The initiative will consist of approximately 3-5 programs spanning approximately 1-2 weeks in countries identified by ECA. The members of the delegation should lend individual and complementary perspectives and provide host country participants with a wide range of options for future collaboration and/or mentoring. The innovative use of new and social media will enhance and extend the impact of the program through online educational programming, collaborations and/or mentoring to encourage a foundation for sustaining professional networks and relationships. The recipient must demonstrate the ability to recruit recognized leaders from a wide range of arts and business fields which may include, but are not limited to film, literature, music and  design/digital/graphic arts. The creative economy emphasis for each overseas program will be determined in consultation with ECA, from a pre-determined list of creative industries offered to U.S. Embassies. On rare exception, posts may request a program emphasis (or industry specialty) outside the already pre-determined creative economy programs listed previously.