25 – 27 June, 2015
Russian State University for the Humanities
Institute for Philology and History
Department for Translation Studies and Interpreting/Translation
Themes under discussion:
The background story of the concept of “world literature” (where/ when/ whom by/ in what connection it was shaped). 
The spectrum of meanings ascribed to the notion of “world literature” (in what cultures/ in what historical periods/whom by/ under what social conditions were designed the new meanings / shades of meaning of the notion “world literature”).
The post-postmodernist reception of the concept of “world literature” (in Russia/in Europe/in the West/in the East)
The authorities to decide whether a literary work belongs to “world literature” (e.g. literary critics/scholars/ratings/ publishers/etc.)
The lists of “world literature” books across cultures (the similarities and differences in the lists/ the culture-bound overlaps/the culture-specific lists/the impact of politics and ideology on the lists/ etc.)
The links between “translation” and “world literature” (translation as a vehicle of “world literature”/“world literature” as beyond translation/ the constituents of a success story/etc.)
Translators as the makers of world literature (the translators’ role in the past/in different societies and cultures / their role nowadays/etc.).
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