[arab-artists] Translating the Middle East: Essays

CFP Translating the Middle East:Collection of Essays 11/30/2007
Contributions are invited for a collection of scholarly articles
examining the politics of translating the Middle East cultures. Papers can
address a number of questions such as: What are the overall politics of
translation between the Middle Eastern cultures as well as those cultures and the
West? In what ways are these cultures represented through translation?
What other theoretical frameworks can assist in the understanding
of the process of translation? In what ways the linguistic barriers impact
translation within the Middle East? What is the role of such issues as
gender, sexuality, class in the process of selection for
translation and representation? In what ways are the politics of reception and
translation related? What is the process and the determinant factors for
selecting the works to be translated? What role does the market play in this
context? What is the impact of cyber-space, and in general new technical
modes of communication, for translation?

Please submit a brief abstract (about 500 words) and the title your
paper for consideration by December 30, 2007 to:

Shouleh Vatanabadi
New York University