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Upcoming TEH Meeting 68 in Cracow 15th – 18th of October

How Not to go Mad Working in an Independent Cultural Centre?
First Trans Europe Halles (TEH) meeting in Poland will discuss revitalization and creative thinking.

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a network of independent cultural centers established in former industrial buildings. Currently it has 49 members and 7 friend organizations in 26 countries. The 15th – 18th of October members from all over Europe gather at the cultural centre Laznia Nowa in Cracow, Poland, for 4 intensive days.

As one of Europe’s most active cultural networks we are happy to see a constant growing interest for our activities and actions. TEH Meeting 68 has been fully booked for weeks – and new potential members from The Czech Republic, Russia and Slovakia will participate and present their centres during the meeting.

The culture centre Laznia Nowa is based in a former industrial area of Cracow called Nowa Huta. It opened in 2005 and it is continuously fighting against prejudices about the area, trying to show that it is a district with many opportunities. In the Saturday panel debate, the topic of revitalization will be used as a starting-point for more fundamental discussions about the need of culture and the relation between culture, cultural centres and their local communities. 

The aim of TEH Meeting 68 is to exchange experiences, make new contacts, planning collaboration and exchanges. The meeting will include a CHANGING ROOM training day with workshops that will help participants develop both their mental capacity, the skills of their staff, their centre’s governance/structure and the way they apply for funds and implement European projects. 

CHANGING ROOM is a project by Trans Europe Halles, looking for new ways of increasing and enhancing the cross-border mobility of cultural operators in Europe.

For more information please contact: 

Anna Weitz
TEH Marketing and Communication Manager
anna@teh.net, Mobile: +46-(0)-766347611

Magdalena Podziewska 
Laznia Nowa

Laznia Nowa first Polish member to host TEH Meeting
Read more about Laznia Nowa, situated in the youngest and the most mysterious district of the Cracow. 

for Cultural Operators

CHANGING ROOM include workshops, a staff exchange programme, an online Toolkit and an academic study.