final performances

Tuesday June 26, 2012 – 7pm 
La MaMa E.T.C. 
74 East 4th Street, 2nd Floor 
New York City, 10003
(between Second Ave and the Bowery)

Join us for the final installations, performances, and presentations of our fifth year of EMERGENYC, the Hemispheric New York Emerging Performers Program. As a part of the Institute’s Hemispheric New York initiative, the Emerging Performers Program aims to support the development of emerging New York-based artists whose work functions as a vehicle for political expression and social change, and who examine the broad range of identities, practices and histories of the Americas  through genres such as performance art, spoken word, theatre, dance, street performance, visual arts, film, political cabaret, video performance, "laughtivism," and others.

EMERGENYC 2012 artists:
Alexandra Lauren Prosper Blissett, Anoushka Ratnarajah, Benjamin Lundberg, Carlos Monroy, Chris Tyler, Denae Hannah, Dennis RedMoon Darkeem, Dominic Cinnamon Bradley, Getenesh Berhe, Jesse Phillips-Fein, Kirya Traber, Kyla Searle, Marcelitte Failla, Polina Porras Sivolobova, Rebecca Nagle, Sacred Walker Taneshia K. Campbell, Samantha Galarza, Santiago Venegas, Sara Lyons.

INSTRUCTOR: George Emilio Sánchez

2012 Workshop Leaders and guest speakers: Peggy Shaw (Split Britches), Susana Cook, Daniel Alexander Jones, Dan Fishback, Debra Levine and John Voelcker (ACT UP), Diana Taylor, Andy Bichlbaum (Yes Men), Fulana, Patrícia Hoffbauer, Pamela Sneed,  D'Lo, and Aisha Jordan-Jerome and Frantz Jerome (2050 Legacy).

Find out more about the program: / phone reservations: 212-475-7710