THREE GRACES now playing at Laguardia Performing Arts Center-NYC


(a panoramic Iliad for the protestors of modern Greece and Turkey, inspired by Nikos Kazantzakis and Greek blues*) 

written by: Ruth Margraff

directed by: Handan Ozbilgin

music by: Nikos Brisco

featuring: Ahsan Ali, John Consentino, Marisol Demonte & Julio Trinidad 

live music by Café Antarsia Ensemble~Rami ElAasser, Ron Riley, Nikos Brisco and Ruth Margraff; video design: Steven De Castro; set design:Andreea Mincic; lighting: Melody Beal; extra choreo: Stephen Hitt; asst. stg mgr: Cassandra Lynch; event coord: Khan Razzaque 

June 24-28, 2014 

Tues, June 24 @ 8pm (open dress); 

Wed, June 25 @ 8:00 pm

Thurs, June 26 @ 2:30 and 8:00 pm 

Fri, June 27 @ 8:00 pm 

Sat, June 28 @8:00 pm

Laguardia Performing Arts Center

31-10 Thomson Avenue | Long Island City, NYC 11101  718.482.5151  |tickets        

*THREE GRACES was developed, in part, by the 2013 PIVOT MULTI-ARTS FESTIVAL at the Berger Park Mansion (Chicago), 2011 ICE FACTORY FESTIVAL/3LD a program of New Ohio Theatre w/Immigrant's Theater Project (New York City), 2012 Centraltrak Gallery Artist Residency/Project X (Dallas); Here Arts Center Culturemart Winter Festival (NYC); Wax Factory/PreGlej Theater and Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities (Ljubljana); Innova Records; School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Fulbright Foundation New Opera fellowship to Thessaloniki, Athens, Paros and Crete. Special thanks to Dan Prall, Kate Hendrickson, Julieanne Ehre, Tanya Palmer, Irina Kruzhilina, Raphael Parry, Marcy Arlin, Robert Lyons,Dah Teatar (Belgrade), New Dramatists, Ozen Yula, Tatiana Rapatzikou, Halka Art Project (Istanbul).

"Defiance is old as time, and forever young.  I want to feel it.  

Get nervous my city.  I am coming for a walk…" 

2013-14 Performances

  • January 3-26, 2014 TMUNY-awarded Dah Teatar, 7 Stages of AtlantaBLUE PLANET residency (Belgrade, Serbia) 
  • February 13, 2014 Sullivan Galleries FIELDWORK BLUE for CAA/UM Stamps School of Design (Chicago) 
  • March 20, 2014 Story Week/Columbia panel w/Lisa Schlesinger, Charlotte Meehan, Bonnie Metzgar and Kimberly Senior (Chicago) 
  • April 8, 2014 Arts Club of Chicago salon performance for Sarah and Joseph Belknap's "Afterglow" garden installation
  • April 12, 2014 Legacy Room WILD RICE poem with choreographer Peggy Choy (Chicago/Madison, WI) 
  • May 28, 2014 US/Russia playwrights' exchange ALL OF THIS dir. Andrey Lyubimov, curated by Ksen
    ia Dragunskaya, Theatre Association of Russia /Boyarskiye Palaty (Moscow, Russia) 
  • June 7 Pivot Multi-Arts Festival Science & Art night  NOT EVEN THE WHEEL dir. Susan Bowen (Chicago) 
  • June 9, 2014 Varna International Theater Festival/City Art Gallery/Peculiar Works Project "Imagining America: a promenade through the American avant-garde" excerpt from THE ELEKTRA FUGUES dir. Vasilena Radeva 
  • July 30 Physical Festival at Link's Hall – new preview with Kate Hendrickson (Chicago)  2014 
  • Jan 17-Feb 23, 2013 STADIUM DEVILDARE Red Tape Theater dir Karen Yates (Chicago); 
  • CAFE ANTARSIA Feb 24 Uncommon Ground Devon; Mar 6Wheaton College/Watson Fine Arts theater, Boston Playwrights Theatre "Women in Action" livestream HowlRoundTV, Mar 7 The Factory Theater (Boston), Mar 8 Brown University/AS220 Gallery(Providence); Apr 20 Chopin Theater (Chicago), Apr 25 Poor David's Pub (Dallas), Apr 26 Opa Wine Cafe (Austin), Apr 27 Forge Bistro (Ben Wheeler, TX); 
  • May 16-June 2, 2013 Ellen Stewart's La Mama Theater(NYC)DEADLY SHEWOLF manga opera comp. Fred Ho, dir. Sonoko Kawahara
  • May 21, 2013 Link's Hall/SAIC Ballroom THE PASSION OF LEYLA concert reading dir. Mohammad Ghaffari, comp. Richard Marriott (Chicago) 
  • June 24-28 Art Ship w/painter Slobodan Dan Paich (SanFrancisco) 
  • CAFE ANTARSIA 2013 Ardittos Metz Festival June 30 Πάρκο Λογγίνου/Longinus Park στο Μετς, July 3 Τετάρτη, πεζόδρομο Θεοτόκη στο Μετς/Pedestrian Mary Bazaar, July 6 στο Πάρκο Αγίας Τριάδας καφενείο "Λαμπηδόνα/Cafe Lambidona at Trinity Park, w/Στέλιος Αρτεμάκης 24 Media Group (Athens, Greece)
  • SEVEN touring to Iraq, Afghanistan, Sweden, Macedonia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia
  • Sept 8, 2013 LOCKET ARIAS Opera On Tap Twin Cities"Apollonie's Purloined Letter" comp. Phil Fried w/mezzo-soprano Maggie Lofbloom (Mpls) 
  • CAFÉ ANTARSIA Sep 20 Blue Dress Barn (Benton, MI), Sep 21, 28 Prost Oktoberfest, Oct 19 Nightcap steampunk (Chicago), Oct 24 Gypsy Lounge (Austin), Oct 25, Dec 31 Forge Bistro (Ben Wheeler), Nov 9 Uncomon Ground w/Trick Shooter Social Club, Nov 21 Beaujolais Nouveau Whole Foods S.Loop, Dec 21, Mar 21 Tapas 7232 (Chicago), Feb 14 Whole Foods Gold Coast, Feb 22 Kenosha Country Club (Wisconsin), April 5 LGBT Com Ctr (Chicago)