This July on WWB: New Translations of Sindhi Folktales

Sindhi Folktales

This July on WWB, explore the fascinating world of traditional Sindhi folktales in three compelling new translations by Musharraf Ali Farooqi. Read along as we peek into a world of conniving sparrows,wily jackals, and spell-casting storks

Also, make sure to read Musharraf Ali Farooqi's introduction to the folk literature of Sindh over here


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New in French: Les Sauvages by Sabri Louatah
By Mathilde Billaud-Walker
Les Sauvages (“The Barbarians”), the first novel by Parisian writer Sabri Louatah, is a turbulent portrait of a contemporary France divided between a desire for globalization and a wave of nationalism. more>>>

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The City and the Writer: In Santa Cruz with Micah Perks 
Can you describe the mood of Santa Cruz as you feel/see it? 
Santa Cruz is antic. UC Santa Cruz’s mascot is the banana slug, a bright yellow hermaphroditic creature sprawled beneath the Redwoods. The street performers on Pacific blow giant bubbles that burst on car windshields, hand out small things made out of string and straw, juggle in outrageous costumes, play the fiddle barefoot more>>>

Camila Santos reviews Dorothy Tse's Snow and Shadow 

Dorothy Tse’s third book, Snow

and Shadow, is a collection of surreal stories set in a fantastical version of Hong Kong. more>>>

Lucy Renner Jones reviews Andrei Bitov's The Symmetry Teacher 

Andrei Bitov describes his book The Symmetry Teacher as a “novel-echo,” a palimpsest of a text which, as he explains in his preface, is his Russian “translation” of an obscure and untraceable English novel by a writer called A. Tired-Boffin. more>>>