This Changes Everything 
Earth Day, we will be kicking off our second edition of Climakaze Miami onFriday, April 22nd with a screening of This Changes Everything – The Movie, directed by Avi Lewis and based on the best selling book by Naomi Klein.  On Saturday, we will host a full day of conversations, and performances in a festival format with a range of creative expressions such as video animation and shadow puppetry, to site specific theater and live music concert, featuring artists from Miami (Xavier Cortada andLuyanó Band) and around the nation (Miwa Matreyek and Nick Slie).  On Sunday, we’ll be taking it onto and into the water with a Marine Eco-Immersion on Biscayne Bay. Please see information below and click on images for more information. Hope to meet you next weekend at The Miami Dade County Auditorium!