OCTOBER 2010: There is a Field


In October 2000, as the second Intifada erupted in the West Bank and Gaza, demonstrations also began in Arab villages inside Israel. In October 2000, twelve Palestinian citizens of Israel were killed in these demonstrations by Israeli security forces. One of those killed was a seventeen year old boy named Asel Asleh. He was shot point blank in the neck by Israeli police at a demonstration outside his village. Asel had been a participant in a peace program called Seeds of Peace. He was wearing his Seeds of Peace t-shirt at the time of his killing and was buried in it.


There is a Field is a play I wrote about Asel’s life and his death, through the perspective of his older sister, Nardin. The play is culled entirely from primary source material: interviews with Nardin and other family members over a seven year period, emails between Asel and Nardin, Asel’s emails to his friends from Seeds of Peace, and transcripts from the commission of inquiry that the Israeli government held regarding the October killings. The play also addresses the larger issues facing Palestinians inside Israel. 


I am inviting theatre companies, theatre artists and activists world-wide to take on this script this October. Be it fully mounted productions,  staged readings, or “living room readings”There is a Field will be launched throughout the world this October!


If you are interested in organizing a performance/staged reading/living room reading in your community during October 2010, please let me know ASAP! The script is available upon request.


 Jen Marlowe