Participatory/Interactive Theatre meets the Systems Theory approach

A unique friendship called THEATRE for LIVING is born

What ensues is a process of creative, community-based dialogue towards sustainable social change, conflict transformation and peacebuilding

Work on social change, conflict transformation and peacebuilding all around the world has since long been using theatre forms of Community theatre and Participatory/Interactive theatre. These theatre forms have mainly grown out of Augusto Boal´s Theatre of the Oppressed (TO)Theatre for Living (TfL) evolves from TO and further develops by embodying the 'systems view' of the world that posits that social structures – that create divisions between oppressors and those they oppress – are simply manifestations of repeated behaviours. TfL´s approach is to investigate those behaviours and learn together in our society how to change them, in order to eventually change the structure of our society. TfL recognizes that communities are complexly integrated living organisms and invites them to engage in constructive social change, moving from various forms of violence to respectful engagement.

TfL is about empowerment – about people being the experts in their own lives and being able to use theatre to make change. The process gives a community the opportunity to re-ignite 'emotional intelligence' – using a symbolic language to investigate alternative approaches to hard-to-talk-about issues. This is a first step towards dealing with difficult topics – moving towards open communication and realities that living communities want in an active and entertaining way.

For our conflict transformation and peacebuilding work, all these are indeed very relevant!

David Diamond, the Artistic and Managing Director of Theatre for Living (Headlines Theatre) in Vancouver, Canada is the originator of Theatre for Living (TfL), and is offering a 6-day TfL training in Berlin during June 26 – July 1, 2012. This should be particularly interesting and accessible for peacebuilders in Europe.

The costs are:

  • Representatives of organisations: 450€
  • Individuals: 300€
  • Students/Unemployed: 250€

For training details and registration, please visit the TfL @ Berlin.DE website. The training is organised by Performing Transformation.

PLEASE NOTE: The fee is only for participation in the training and does notinclude accommodation or meals. We also don't have the capacity to offer any financial assistance or scholarships.

Time: June 26, 2012 to July 1, 2012
Location: "battleROYAL"
Street: Waldemarstraße 33-37a
City/Town: Berlin, 10999. Germany
Website or Map:
Event Type: trainingoninteractivetheatre
Organized By: Mir Mubashir @