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The Black Hole in the Dejvice Theatre

– Kamila Černá

The artistic ensemble of the Dejvice Theatre team up for another winning production – The Black Hole. Click here.


A New Play by Milan Uhde

– Kamila Černá

The latest play written by one of the Czech Republic´s important cultural personalities Milan Uhde, premiered at the theatre on the Balustrade in Prague on March 9.Click here.

Chekhov in Ostrava

– Kamila Černá

Productions of Chekhov plays were very popular and successful at the OST-RA-VAR Festival in Ostrava..Click here.


Opera in the Czech Republic

-Lenka Šaldová

Opera and musical productions were in great abundance this Spring: Miloš Forman´s production of A Walk Worthwhile at the National Theatre, Chalk Circle at the National Theatre of Moravia-Silesia and Cyrano de Bergerac in České Budějovice. Click here.


Czech Dance Platform – A Feast for those Hungry for New Dance

– Jana Návratová

This spring's largest dance event was the 13th Annual Czech Dance Platform. Twenty dance pieces competed for the traditional prize – the Sazka Award for the "dance discovery". Click here.

Ballet Version of Peer Gynt loosely based on Ibsen

– Roman Vašek

The Ballet Company in Pilsen premiered Peer Gynt to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the death of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. Jiří Kyselák was the choreographer. Click here.

European Stars Light Up Swan Lake

– Roman Vašek

After an imaginary competition with the ballet division of the National Theatre, the State Opera entered the dance scene with their premiere of Swan Lake. Prague spectators could choose between two different productions of the same title. Click here.


Puppet Theatre Highlights – At Home and Abroad

Nina Malíková

A brief look at the world of Czech puppet theatre -The Three Musketeers on the road, UNIMA updates and more. Click here.


Biggest and Best – in Fact the Only One of Its Kind – PQ 2007 – < font face="Arial" size="2">June 14 to 24, 2007

– Don Nixon

The Prague Quadrennial International Competitive Exhibition of Scenography and theatre Architecture gets underway on June 14th! Close to 6000 guests have already registered to see the exhibits, performances, and lectures from close to 60 countries. Click here.

Exhibitions – Many Genres, Many Galleries

– Don Nixon

To join the celebrations of the Prague Quadrennial exhibition, two scenographic exhibitions will take place in Prague, puppet exhibitions in Finland and Chrudim. Click here.


Arts Institute – Theatre Institute

– Eva Žáková

In April 2007, in accordance to the proposal made by the Theatre Institute, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic has amended the statue of the Theatre Institute with an appendix to include a name change to the organization which will no longer be called the Theatre Institute, but will now be called: The Arts Institute – Theatre Institute. Click here.


Alfréd Radok Awards

– Kamila Černá

The Alfréd Radok Awards are handed out annually by the Alfréd Radok Foundation based on the results of a survey conducted by The World and Theatre magazine. Click here.


Thalia Awards

– Kamila Černá

Each year the Actors Associations hands out the Thalia Awards in recognition of exceptional performances in the arts. Click here.


Don Nixon


Sodja Lotker, Don Nixon: Experimental Theatre

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Lenka Šaldová: Opera

Nina Malíková: Puppet Theatre

Pavel Vokatý: Webmaster


Mirka Potůčková

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