Dear Friend,

I am writing […] to artists and activists around the world to help get live performances of stories from within the Occupy movement and on the web. This movement has truly gone global and we would like to help house a collection of these stories.

We at The Civilians create work based upon interviews taken from real people who find themselves in a particular political or social circumstance of controversy or interest. Over the past several months we've been interviewing people involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement. With these interviews we’ve held two cabaret-type performances in Joe's Pub at The Public Theater in NYC.

Working with the spirit of the Occupy movement we have come to envision a theater project that reflects the quality of energy of the movement itself. That vision has manifested into a grassroots theater project called Occupy Your Mind. The Civilians invites artists of all types (even artists still
in the artistic closet!) to engage in the work that we do regularly; to interview Occupiers near you and ultimately to share a video of your Occupy performance with the world, online.


All the performances on the website will be part of the creative commons, which allows groups across the country/world to have access to these performances and make an Occupy Your Mind evening of performance or find another way to use the material.

To become part of Occupy Your Mind, you just:

– find someone in the Occupy Movement
– Have a conversation with them about it
– Edit that Conversation into a 4 minute or less monologue
– Perform in front of a minimum of 2 people
– Video that performance
– Go to and upload

You can go to our website for more information:

If you send me an email then I can email you back a graphic flyer about this.

PLEASE CONTACT ME (Steve Ginsburg) at with any questions about this project.