by Nikoline Werdelin

 This is a tragicomic play about dying and different ways of dying: In each of the five brown hospital beds on stage, five dying men are sleeping. One after the other, they wake up and discuss women, victories, losses and the sorrow from having to leave early. However, by the time the sun sheds its first rays, most of them have given up their struggles.


Nikoline Werdelin is a cartoonist and director and was born in Copenhagen 1960. From 1981-84, she studied at the design school, with drawing and graphics as her main subjects. In 1984 she won a comic competition in the Danish newspaper Politiken, in which her comics have succeeded ever since. It all started with the award winning series Café during the same year when with a loving although cynical insight she hit the thriving café culture of the nineteen eighties on the nail. Other comics, of which many have been published in book form, include Homo Metropolis, Laura and Nugga and Her på bjerget (Here, on the mountain), in which the types and syndromes of our time have been awfully originally displayed.  Werdelin is not a misanthrope, but rather “the stubborn seismograph of lifestyles”. In 1997, she was awarded the Danish publicist award for her writing, which primarily revolves around comics, but which has evolved throughout the years, particularly to include the writing of plays. Werdelin made her debut as a dramatist with the manuscript and set design for the pop vaudeville UNDER DE GULE MÅNER (Under the yellow moons), 1987. Her breakthrough came ten years later with the lifestyle comedy LIEBHAVERNE (1997), in which the consumption-oriented generation keeps an open house for the big, egoistic staging of oneself. With DEN BLINDE MALER (the blind painter), 1999, Werdelin made her debut as a director in her tragic sex comedy about the narcissistic, women-consuming man. Once again, Werdelin shows off her personal talent for the witty, revealing dialogue, which has been the strength of her work since the comic strips. Furthermore, Werdelin has been very successful with the plays MINE TO SØSTRE (My two sisters), 2001 and BOBLERNE I BÆKKEN, (The Robin-Anthems) 2003. As a result of these two plays, she was awarded the price for best Danish playwright. MARTHAS TEMA (Martha’s theme) 2005, takes place, partly in the 1870’s Copenhagen – partly in the present day, whilst AKVARIEFUGLEN 2005, tells the story of a middle aged woman with a strong father fixation, and virtually no sexual experience.