by Zhang Xian


After the king raped A-N-T-I, the daughter of the former king, something unexpected takes place. The woman, whose clothes were taken off by force, refuses to put on her clothes again. She remains naked one hour, two hours, one day, two days, one week, two weeks.  By self-violation and long-lasting silence, the woman revolts against the king, intentionally spreads the news of this scandal around the whole country and finally causes a political crisis. The king tried every means to persuade her to put on her clothes and compromise with him. After fruitless persuasion, imploration, threatening, luring, and fooling, the king breaks down at last. He comes to know that when the raped deliberately allows herself become filthier than the rapist, the rapist himself feels raped instead.

 Zhang Xian was born in Shanghai in 1955. Zhang began his pursuit of literature during the Culture Revolution, when he was sent to China southwestern border province of Yunnan to be a child worker at the age of 15. After a decade of living in Yunnan Province, Zhang returned to live in Shanghai.  From the beginning of China modern reform period in the late 1970 Zhang has been at the forefront of China art scene writing scripts and directing. His main stage works include OWL IN THE HOUSE and MOTHER LANGUAGE. Zhang also wrote the script for the film, THE LADY WHO STAYED, nominated for Best Film on the 16th Cairo International Film Festival. Zhang is currently collaborating with Director Wang Guangli on two film projects, co-writing the scripts for co-production GO FOR BROKE with the Shanghai Film Studio and the second film of the Wang's Work Trilogy, MODEL WORK.