The 7th edition of East African Arts Summit will take place this month in Nairobi, Kenya. As the GoDown Arts Centre celebrates 10 years, the milestones that East African members have made in the arts industry cannot be overlooked. At least 80 delegates are expected to attend  the four days event.

The GoDown Arts Centre takes this opportunity to welcome EVERYONE for a stage-shattering GoDownGiG  on the Saturday,23th November 2013.Come  and  mingle with different East African artists and together with our partners who will be  celebrating 10 years of the GoDown with us. The concert will begin at 3pm and will be FREE for all.

After a successful rolling out of the Creative Entrepreneurship Course in Nairobi, the GoDown together with our Swedish partners are working to expand this program. This curriculum will be uniquely designed to train and benefit  the diverse East African artists on ways of reaping the value of creativity. The team is working together with East African partners  who are currently involved in training on such programs.

NaiNiWho will be involving kids of Heshima Primary School to paint  murals around the school after the school was nominated as the most favorable place by the NaiNiWho social media community. The team will be headed by GoDown’s Patrick Mukabi who will work with different upcoming artist and the children. The murals are inspired by  Nairobi’s  environment, everyday life of a Nairobian and it will hopefully allow the kids build  their cognitive skills.

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