Gabr Fellowship

Ludwig Deutsch – A Gathering around the Morning News, Cairo

United States, May 4-19 / Egypt, June 8-22, 2013

In May and June 2013, the Gabr Fellowship will bring together a group of 20 promising young professionals from across Egypt and the United States – 10 Egyptians and 10 Americans. Together, the group will meet with world-renowned public figures to explore transnational challenges faced by their societies and to gain an introduction to Egyptian and American societies, traditions, politics, business, governance, art, law, media, customs and religions.

The Fellowship will begin in the United States on May 4 with visits to Atlanta, Washington DC, New York City, New Haven and a retreat in the Berkshires. On June 8, the Fellows will reconvene in Egypt for seminars, discussions and site visits in Cairo and Alexandria as well as a retreat in Luxor. The program will examine a broad range of issues common to both Egypt and the United States including democracy and public law, fine arts and literature, world trade, mass communications and public health. The Fellows will also undertake joint projects as part of their exchange to leverage their experience to their peers and communities.

Further exchanges for the Gabr Fellowship shall include more nationalities from the United Kingdom, Canada and Arab countries.

Seeking emerging leaders

The Gabr Fellowship is for emerging leaders in the areas of art, science, media, law and both social and business entrepreneurship. Applicants should have big ideas and a strong interest in transnational dialogue. All applicants must be 24 to 35 years of age and must be citizens of the United States or Egypt. American applicants without prior travel to Egypt and Egyptian applicants without prior travel to the United States are strongly encouraged to apply.

About the initiative

The Gabr Fellowship is an initiative of Shafik Gabr designed to promote intercultural dialogue and collaboration between Egyptians and Americans. In an increasingly interconnected world, cross-cultural understanding and professional networks are essential for peace and progress. The Fellowship is sponsored by the Shafik Gabr Foundation and organized by Humanity in Action.