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The New Trial at the Komedie Theatre

– Jana Patočková

When the Komedie Theatre in Prague considers new works for its repertoire, it primarily concentrates on contemporary Czech, Austrian or German plays. Dušan Pařízek takes a risk with his adaptation of Franz Kafka´s The Trial. Click here.

Sophocles Antigone at the National Theatre in Brno

– Kamila Černá

Martin Čičvak continues his production work at the National Theatre with the a unique adaptation of a Greek classic. Click here.

The Unfinished Opera of a Czech Dramatist

– Kamila Černá

Jiří Pokorný´s new production at the Theatre on the Balustrades uses various genres of music to parody the current state of society.Click here.


Solo for Three: Vysotský, Brél and Kryl

– Roman Vašek

The last premiere of the Prague National Ballet last season, entitled Solo for Three, combines three charismatic songwriters: Jacqued Brél, Vladimír Vysotský and Karel Kryl. Click here.

2007/08 Season in Czech Ballet

– Roman Vašek

Well-established Czech authors will lead the many premieres that are scheduled to take place this dance season. In addition, debuts of Czech choreographers and international artists such as Mats Ek will be some of the season´s highlights. Click here.


Puppet Theatre Highlights – At Home and Abroad

< span style="font-size: 11pt; font-style: italic; font-family: Arial">– Nina Malíková

A brief look at the world of Czech puppet theatre – the threat of closing the Museum of Puppet Cultures in Chrudím, festivals, exhibitions and more. Click here.


A List of Autumn Festivals coming your Way

– Don Nixon

The Spectaculo Interresse and the One Flew Over the Puppeteer´s Nest are just two of the highlights this fall. A complete list of festivals is available on line. Click here.

Prague Quadrennial Publication Clearinghouse

– Don Nixon

After the success of the Prague Quadrennial, we are making available those publications to those interested in scenography and Czech theatre design, but were unable to attend the PQ. Click here.


Don Nixon


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