The Anne Frank Project's 5th annual conference is happening September 10-13, 2013 and I would like to extend an opportunity to the theatre makers of the world to learn about the project, and submit a proposal if they please.

Our theme for this year's conference is "Transforming Lives." Below is a description of the theme and our conference. Our website is: 

AFP2013: Transforming Lives
September 10th-13th
5th Annual Conference

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi

The theme for The Anne Frank Project 2013 conference is Transforming Lives. Acts of service may be public, private, big, or small. When we give ourselves to the service of others, we transform lives. An act of service may be as private as a man giving his neighbor a shave after he’s suffered a stroke. Service may also be public where a community center is built and a neighborhood is restored. When people work together and take action, they can rebuild themselves, individuals, communities, regions, and worlds—they transform the lives of generations to come. Lives are transformed through every discipline via multiple avenues, which connect people at their molecular level and shape our world in every equation, rhythm and rhyme. Scientists, artists, educators, scholars, activists and business professionals transform our lives on a daily basis by helping us experience our world through different mediums, ideas, and philosophies. Without them, we would be blind to our shared humanity.

Our actions transform the lives of others, our world, and ourselves. It is important to honor these actions, the people who do them, and inspire others to find themselves by servicing others. AFP2013 is a multidisciplinary conference that seeks the work of local, national, and international experts, professionals, scholars, artists and students to explore our 2013 theme: Transforming Lives.

Thank you,

Eve Everette