Hey everyone! Due to a high volume of demand The Actors Space is bringing back their Directing Workshop this Summer!

Watch a video short about it here:

Directing Performance 17th-23rd Sept.*
* Including arrival and departure dates

This new and unique workshop is for anyone that wants to direct Theatre or Film professionally. This workshop offers a hands on practical experience where Directors will work with Actors and Writing.

You, as a Director, will be able to develop your own approach to Creating Drama or Comedy, confidently guided by your own intuition and imagination and always within a solid structure:
You will learn how to direct actors by giving them a freedom and a structure at the same time, allowing them to create their best work.
You will learn to devise scenes and work up scripts. You will also learn how to recognize good writing and develop it (not everything is playable).
You will cover the basics of teamwork. You will also experience what is like to be directed.
You will fully experience the Creative Triangle: Writing, Acting and Directing.
Directors need to create a space and inspire an atmosphere where creative risks can be taken, without fear of failure and where effort and achievement can be recognized.

– What is the role of the director?
– Dramatic Motors/ Dramatic Situation
– Devising
– Scripts, Text and Subtext
– The Game and The Gap
– Conscious vs. Unconscious
– Characters motivation
– Directing the Scene and the Unseen
– Writing and Directing Writing
– Teamwork – Teamworks!

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