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How to organise a Staff Exchange?

Over the years, Trans Europe Halles has become an expert in organising mobility opportunities for cultural workers. In the frame of Engine Room Europe, the Staff Exchange Programme has given the chance to employees from member centres to spend up to 10 days in another centre to improve their skills in a specific working area. 

This publication highlights the do’s and don'ts when sending, hosting and going on staff exchange. The knowledge was extracted from participants and organisers who took part in this programme. Download the manual…

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From social to sale: How to use the growing potential of online communities? 

This White Paper gives concrete datas and tips to understand how three of the biggest social networks are driving customer purchasing – can you harness this for your organisation? A great marketing tool to use in an efficient way the growing potential of online communities. Read the report.

What happened in last TEH Meeting? Collaborative art piece: the European Cultural Canon 

The collective art piece European Cultural Canon was presented in Riga city hall during Trans Europe Halles Meeting 75 in May 2013. Get an insight of TEH Meetings with this video which also contains interviews of Dzintars Zilgalvis (chairman of the board of NOASS), Aigars Bikše (artist) and Olga Žitluhina (choreographer). Watch the video…

Drinking containers: recycling vs reusability 

Run a venue, events or a festival? Concerned about throwing out or even recycling thousands upon thousands of disposable cups a year, a month or even at a single event? Here is a comprehensive study of the ecological impacts of different vessels for serving drinks so you can make some informed choices. Read the report…

Artists on climate change: the role of art in a time of global warming 

This publication ommissioned by British Council and curated by Julie's Bicycle presents the reflections of Antony Gormley, Jay Griffiths, Professor Tim Jackson, Professor Diana Liverman and KT Tunstall on the role of art and artists in climat change. Read the publication…

Valve new employee handbook: a rare look into the inner workings of a truly flat organizational structure. 

Valve is a 4 billion dollar company without bosses or managers and employees are free to work on any role or project they choose. This introduction given to new employees gives us a rare and inspiring look into their model of management. 

Look at the handbook…

The Resource: a collaborative web platform for the independent cultural sector. 

Do you want to hear about stories and concrete experiences of people working in the independent cultural sector?The Resource is here to get you inspired!

The Resource is a collaborative web platform integrated into the TEH website. It gathers experiences, stories and know-how from the independent cultural sector and makes it accessible to the wider European sector. Visit The Resource…

Engine Room Europe 

Since 2011, Trans Europe Halles is actively working towards a sustainable independent sector through the three-years programme Engine Room Europe, funded by the European Commission: this programme, dedicated to theindependent workers and their creative processes, focuses on capacity building and mobility as means to fostering the independent sector throuh exchanges of experiences. So far, 20 activites have been organised throughout Europe, involving almost 2000 participantsRead more.