TEH Newsletter: May, 2014

Dear artists, activists, squatters and dreamers, 

We did it! We have finally finished editing and publishing the reports of the last TEH Meeting and Conference and today we bring some of them to you: Creative Business Models, Audience Development, Political Campaigning, Creative Collaboration and Forum Theatre.

We are also very pleased to partnership with Asia-Europe Foundation and Arts Network Asia in the 4th call for proposals Creative Encounters to actively foster artistic and cultural connections across Asia and Europe. You have further information below.

As usual you can read latest news from our members, including an brief interview with representatives of TEH member centre Izolyatsia about how the current sociopolitical situation in Ukraine is affecting them.

We also have a very special offer for our newsletter subscribers: The very last copies of the French edition of our book "The Factories of Imagination" at a reduced price.

Best regards,

Birgitta Persson & José Luis Rodríguez.

Trans Europe Halles' Coordination Office. Lund, Sweden. 

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Trans Europe Halles' long-term goal is to strengthen the sustainable development of the independent cultural sector, especially cultural centres and organisations initiated by citizens and artists. TEH's facebook

4th Creative Encounters. Asia-Europe Cultural Partnerships 

The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), and its partners Arts Network Asia (ANA) and the European network Trans Europe Halles (TEH) have launched the fourth edition of Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe.

Through Creative Encounters, ASEF, ANA and TEH actively foster connections across cultures by supporting artistic collaborations, exchanges and dialogues. Together, they aim to reinforce Asia-Europe exchanges with the objectives of deepening mutual understanding between cultural communities in the two regions, enhancing the mobility of artists and cultural professionals, and encouraging creative collaborations. Read more…


Reports of the Workshops – First Part 

If you couldn't attend "The future is not what iit used to be" Conference in Amsterdam or if you attended and you want to know what happened in the rest of workshops, we now bring you the first reports. 

Audience Development 

The face of the audience is changing and our means to maximize our reach with them. This quick and dirty guide is the report from Route 5: Power to the People: Strategic Marketing Through Audience Development. This is a good read for anyone looking for new ways to initiate conversation. The empathic approach is also valuable when dealing with social problems and group conflict. It's a 5 page publication which means it'll take you about 10 minutes to read. Read the report…

Creative Business Models 

This report was conceived by Stephan Bastian during Route 3. The workshop speakers came from “all sides of the isle” that is independent operators, academics and culture officials. The report is great if you want quick insight into the language and ideas on business models in cultural organisations or if you want to start discussing the questions and models within your management team. Read the report…

Creative Collaboration 

This super sweet graphic presentation by Lidia Lopez is the report from the "Creative Collaborations and structured idea development"-workshop lead by Henrik Johansson (ChangeDesign). The workshop embeded the fundamental principles of creative leadership and teamwork in the hearts, minds and bodies of the participants. Read the report…

Political Campaigning 

In this brief but information heavy publication you'll learn the basics of political campaigning from team composition to message design. Creating a campaign for your cultural centre. How do you start? It is not only about having a plan, you need to be able to sell your idea. You need be convincing and make people feel connected to you, but how?! Study cases: The worldwide Movember campaign and Cineville a collaborative platform for cinemas in the Netherlands. Read the report…

Forum Theatre 

There is no story and no forum without an issue! It can be something that bothers your own community, your group, your own organisation or even yourself. Look for an issue you can use, exploit, and investigate. By forum theatre you can influence decision makers and find out what people really think.

Forum Theatre as a catalyst for conversation or engine for attitude change can be exactly what your organization needs. This short introduction gives you hands on advice and multiple examples of how and in what situations to use forum theatre as method. Read the report…


Interview: Izolyatsia (Donetsk, Ukraine)

Birgitta Persson, TEH Secretary General, interviews Mykhail Globukyi and Irina Kravchenko from the TEH Member centre Izolyatsia (Donetsk, Ukraine) who have just landed in Lyon (France) for theEuropean Lab Forum 2014:

– I don’t dare to speak my own language on the streets of Donetsk anymore, Iryna Kravchenko tells me when I ask about the situation in eastern Ukraine. Any national expression such as if you happen to wear the colours of the Ukrainian flag, blue and yellow, is dangerous, she continues. The situation is unsafe and separatists are walking the streets with machine guns.

– That is why we actually welcome the intervention of the Ukrainian forces to put a stop to this very uncomfortable situation, Mykhailo adds. Mykhailo Glubokyi, project manager and responsible for the documentary film screenings in Izolatsyia, has been invited to speak at the European Lab conference in Lyon about his cultural centre Izolyatsia, a former insulation factory situated in the outskirts in of Donetsk. This city of 1 million people (5 million if you count the surrounding area of Donetsk), is situated in eastern Ukraine and here the biggest interest is soccer. 

What is then Izolyatsia doing in such a time of crisis? Mykhailo explains that they are now planning to have a Family Festival in the premises so that parents and their children can engage in creative activities together with artists as a relief for a few hours in a very tense situation. The question is if this can happen in the coming weekend or they have to wait for another week due to that it might be too dangerous for families to go out. But the planned screening of the feature film “Haytarma” by the director Akhtem Seytablayev about the deportation of Crimea-Tartar in 1944 will stay in the programme on 7th of June. 

– This film is now screened in many places in Europe, but screening it in eastern Ukraine at this moment in time, is a courageous move since it tells the history from another perspective than the official Soviet version. It brings a historical context to the current situation when Crimtartars are leaving Crimea in big numbers since they feel harassed, Mykhailo says. Just when the organisers come and show the big article about Izolyatsia in Libération, Mykhailo’s fiancé Irina turns to me and says: – It feels like we are living in a violent video game. We have described the situation using the wordsurrealistic so many times that we now have shortened the word. We just call it “sur”. 

Röda Sten Konsthall (Sweden) 

Röda Sten Konsthall (Gothenburg, Sweden) is currently searching for participants to the collaborative performance GAIA#5 (Gothenburg, Sweden) directed by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussenthat will be presented on June 18th outside of Röda Sten Konsthall. No experience needed to participate! More information

Antic Teatre (Barcelona, Spain) 

Some weeks ago, Antic Teatre celebrated its 11th anniversary since its opening as a cultural centre. Among other activities, Antic Teatre's neighbours helped finance one of the centre's community project, 'Ritme en el Temps', selling cakes and snacks prepared by themselves. If you are considering improving the business model of your cultural centre, the CAKEFUNDING is now a great option! 

OZU (Monteleone Sabino, Italy) 

This summer OZU organises two great events to learn how to nourish our minds and our bodies with respect and intelligence. Talking to wheat(18-20 July) is an inspiring weekend of lectures, stories, field tours, cooking workshops and great food presented by Dr. Uri Mayer-Chissick. The second event isFooDesignXperience (8-10 August), a workshop on sustainable food design mixing Innovative and traditional food. Read more…

NOASS (Riga, Latvia) 

NOASS is delighted to announce the opening of the 16th season at the floating AB Dam galleries in Riga! This year, the project’s curatorial team continues to introduce some of the most prominent local and international cultural trends to its visitors, featuring exhibitions of abstract expressionist and naïve art, video art and installations, as well as offering a range of exciting satellite events, creative workshops, film screenings and artist residences. Read more…

Manifatture Knos (Lecce, Italy) 

On 30th of April, people detained in the penintentiary of Lecce, have practiced yoga for the first time with the yogi Massimo La Greca in the new gym and have talked at the phone in the restored “phone room”. This was the end ofRADICAL GARDEN, a design workshop in the penitentiary of Lecce promoted byManifatture Knos. Walls, decorations and furnitures of the two new rooms have been made by prisoners themselves. Read more…


Get one of the last copies of "Les Fabriques Lieux Imprévus" at a discounted price: 29€ (shipping within Europe included) instead of the 40€ it costed before. The English edition is completely sold out and only 9 copies of the edition in French are available. If you want it, this is your last opportunity to have it. For ordering your copy, write an email to info@teh.net.

Factories of the Imagination (290 pages) is a book published by Trans Europe Halles that presents several Trans Europe Halles members’ experiences of converting former industrial sites into cultural centres. Factories of the Imagination reveals the history and experiences of the centres, the problems they faced over the years and solutions they created to overcome the obstacles. The purpose of the book was to create an educational tool, which gave a clearer understanding of this cultural phenomenon. It is also of value to both the public and private sectors and for everybody who seeks to engage in projects of similar nature throughout Europe. 

Museums, Digital Age and Active Citizenship 

The publication 'Museums in the Digital Age and Museums and the Development of Active Citizenship' is a collection of articles from theNetwork of European Museum Organisations's2013 Annual Conference in Bucharest, Romania.

In times of an ever-changing society, museums face a shift of values. This development – an increased demand for museums to act as social agents encouraging social cohesion while also contributing to a growing economy – has become even more pertinent as Europe endures a financial crisis that impacts the entire functioning of its social system. Go to The Resource

SAVE THE DATE: TEH MEETING 78, 9-12 October 2014 

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