Welcome to TEH Newsletter #9 2013, featuring the latest news from Trans Europe Halles!

Dear readers, 

TEH meeting 76 in Marseille "Jalla! Jalla!" is coming up and as a part of that meeting we will also celebrate Trans Europe Halles 30th anniversary. We in the office have been going through archives and pictures to find information about the networks achievements and history. We look forward to sharing this with you in Marseille!

Some of our members also have occasions to celebrate. In Slovakia, Stanicahonor their 10th anniversary and are now facing new challenges for the future. Workshop of Culture (Lublin, Poland) are now a part of NATAŠA: a new platform from the Eastern Partnership countries. We also congratulateMoritzbastei in Germany that recently received an award for their great music programme! Read more about them later on. 

Want to collaborate with our members? Don't miss the calls for partners and organisations in this newsletter. 

Looking forward to meeting many of you in Marseille!

Trans Europe Halles is a European Network of Independent Cultural Centres. The TEH Newsletter is produced by the TEH Coordination Office in Lund, Sweden.

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Anaïd Sayrin


Commmuniation Manager 


The culture fighters of Europe: interviews of Auro Foxcroft (Village Underground, UK) and Erik Backer (Melkweg, The Netherlands)

What is the place of independent culture in European society? What is the downside of gentrification? What is the real current economical situation of culture?

Through interviews with cultural operators, activists, researchers, academics and policy advisors, the Culturefighter project maps independent cultural experiences around Europe and explore the concrete impacts of these initiatives on specific locations. In the past months, Culturefighter has been collaborating with Trans Europe Halles to visit and interview several of our members. Their last travels brought them to UK and The Netherlands: visitCulturefighter’s website and watch Auro Foxcroft (Village Underground, UK) and Erik Backer (Melkweg, The Netherlands) explain how they work with their independent centre, local communities and the current funding situation in their country. 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more interviews from Latvia, Lithuania, and Czech Republic!  Read more about Culturefigter.


Latest news from Engine Room Europe 

Since 2011, Trans Europe Halles is actively working towards a sustainable independent sector through the three-years programme Engine Room Europe, funded by the European Commission: this programme dedicated to the independent workers and their creative processes, focuses on capacity building and mobility as means to fostering the independent sector throuhexchanges of experiences. So far, 20 activites have been organised throughout Europe, involving almost 2 000 participants. 

Crossroad East West: how to deal with the past, present and future of a former armed forces general staff headquarters?

The project “Crossroad East West” is a series of debates and residences at culture centre REX (Belgrade, Serbia). "Crossroads East West" is focused onintercultural dialogue, and is held within the frame of TEH’s project “Engine Room Europe”. The topic of discussion of the debate held on the 25 October was about the Generalštab building, the former headquarters of the armed forces general staff in Belgrade. It has been bombed twice, but still stands. Read more…


Call for partners 

Call for organisations: host Polish young artists

Workshops of Culture (Lublin, Poland) is looking for organisations in Germany and France interested in collaboration with Polish young artists. They will work with a variety of young artists that represent different sectors of arts (contemporary dance, physical dance, visual, video art, performing arts, new circus, media art, eco art, land a
rt) and they would like to provide them a possibility to present their works in different countries, to know the European independent scene, share knowledge and experiences and create conditions for future collaborations and co production.

Call for partners: artists and cultural structures for project Recognize Me!

Recognize Me! is looking for artist and cultural structures, from different European countries, to be involved in the design and implementation of the project and participate in it’s funding. The goal of the project is to analyse the role recognition plays in the growth and development of an individual.Another goal is to develop shared experiences in professional sectors and different countries. The analysis will be made through artistic practices since it can be a powerful tool in uncovering a person's skills. The project is led by Compagnie de l’Arcade, France in cooperation with Workshops of Culture, Poland and will start at the end of 2013 or at the beginning of 2014, for a duration of 24 months.

Moritzbastei receives an award for their music programme 

On the 25 September, TEH member Moritzbastei (Leipzig, Germany) received an "award for their outstanding music programme" and 30,000 EUR. Congratulations! Read more…

Welcome to NATAŠA: a new platform from the Eastern Partnership countries

Workshop of Culture (Lublin, Poland) took part in the Culture for the Eastern Partnership Congress that was held in the beginning of October. Particular initiatives were discussed and NATAŠA, an open platform of civil society organisations and cultural actors from the Eastern Partnership countries, will be established as a result of this work. The objectives of the platform is to enhance cooperation beyond the Schengen borders and to inspire creating autonomous spaces for culture.  Read more…

Stanica's 10th anniversary and 1st auction – Fine artists donated works to support renovation 


Stanica (Zilina, Slovakia) celebrates their 10th anniversary and one of their new challenges is to renovate and turn a synagogue into a place for cultural and artistic events. The synagogue is to be renovated with low resources and to raise funds Stanica held their first ever art auction. The event was surprisingly successful, bringing in over 20 000 euros for their synagogue reconstruction project. Read more…

Read more…

Job offers

PERYPEZYE URBANE (Milano, Italy) – Opening for an apprentice project officer

Deadline: 15 December 2013

Job opening at Photoworks: Programme curator (Brighton, United Kingdom)

Deadline: 2 December 2013


Public Art Experience – call for applications for an artistic director in residence at Fonds Belval (Luxembourg)

Deadline: 2 December 2013

CECArtsLink: Independent Project awards (USA and 37 eligible countries)

Deadline: 3 December 2013

Second European Social Innovation Competition: The job challenge

Deadline: 11 December 2013

Kunstwerk Carlshütte – call for NordArt 2014 and NordArt Symposium (Germany)

Deadline: 15 December 2013

La Box – Ecole Nationale Supérieu
re d'Art de Bourges (France): Open call for curatorial projec

Deadline: 31 March 2014

Call for Participants to Join Transnational Dialogues 2014 – Europe China Brazil

Deadline: 22 November 2013

Danse PEI (4th edition), International dance festival in urban and rural landscapes in Réunion Island (France)

Deadline: 30 November 2013

ZAGREBDOX PRO – Reality Check Workshop (Croatia) – Call for submissions for documentary projects

Deadline: 9 December 2013

IMPAKT Festival 2014 (Utrecht, The Netherlands): Soft Machines (working title) | Call for festival curators

Deadline: 20 January 2014


The Castle – Art and research residencies (France) – Season 6: 17 February-16 June 2014

Deadline: 9 December 2013

Open call for Berwick Visual Arts new residency opportunity (United Kingdom)

Deadline: 25 December 2013 17:00

Emmanuel College Artist Residency 2014, Boston (USA)

Deadline: 1 February 2014

Siena Art Institute Summer Residency Programme (Italy)

Deadline: 15 January 2014

Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project (residency) in Taiwan: “Fishing for a Better Environment”

Deadline: 18 January 2014

Fellowships and grants

DeVos Institute's Summer Fellowships for International Arts Managers (USA)

Deadline: 1 December 2013

The Marc de Montalembert Foundation: Grant and Prize for the mediterranean region

Deadline: 15 December 2013

Cda-Projects Grant for Artistic Research and Production 2013

Deadline: 30 November 2013