TEH Newsletter 2014 No. 7

Dear artists, activists, squatters and dreamers, 

In this new issue of the TEH Newsletter we bring you lots of references to independent cultural centres: we welcome the six new TEH members and thanks to a collaboration with 2ème Lieu we present fourcultural centres from Colombia.

Secretary General Birgitta Persson was invited as speaker by the Foundation Center for Contemporary Art (CSM) to Kiev, Ukraine. There she met the team of Izolyatsia in exile and brought some fresh news about their current situation.

Finally, if you are looking for an interesting reading for this Christmas, check the new publications of the Spaces Project: "The status and challenges of the Independent Cultural Actors in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine" (also available at TEH Resource) and "Cultural Public Sphere".

We hope you enjoy it all.

Best regards,

José Luis Rodríguez and Birgitta Persson.

Trans Europe Halles Coordination Office.

Lund, Sweden. 


TEH Lecture at Foundation Center for Contemporary Art (CSM)

TEH Secretary General Birgitta Persson was invited to hold a lecture called “Factories of Imagination – Do It Yourself” to an audience of invited cultural operators, architects and urbanists in Kiev last week. The lecture was organised as part of the Spaces project about art and public space in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The case studies of a selected number of TEH members and their stories proved inspiring for the participants who wondered what to do with the many abandoned factory buildings in the countryside in Ukraine. 


Birgitta also met with the Izolyatsia-team who operates in exile from Kiev and was guided around the premises as well as to other contemporary art centres in Kiev like Pintchuk Art Centre and theArsenale by Izolyatsia’s TEH-delegate Mykhailo Glubokyi.


Izolyatsia cultural centre in Donetsk is still occupied by the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) who has started to use the buildings – up to recently famous for presenting new and contemporary art exhibitions and film documentaries for a mixed audience – as a prison. Even though the Izolyatsia team of course dream of to being able to come back one day and run the centre again and also maybe be able to save some of the art pieces hopefully remaining in the building, the team has managed to build up an array of new and interesting artistic activities spread out in the streets and parks of Kiev.


The new “Izo” resides in a couple of rented spaces in a boat building factory just by the Dnepr river in the historic district Podil close to metro station Kontraktova Ploscha. Here they share the entrance with factory workers and the factory restaurant serves daily a nice selection of Ukrainian dishes for both factory workers and artists. Currently several spaces are being renovated and turned into exhibition halls and studios by the team. The Fab Lab of Izolytsia in Donetsk is about to resurrect in Izolytasia Kiev, despite the fact that only few parts of the machinery was rescued from Donetsk. Plans for a terrace by the river and a separate entrance for the audience are soon to be realised.


Despite an extreme situation of war and conflict with no immediate solution at hand, Izolyatsia has managed to adapt to an extremely turbulent situation. Within a few weeks of being forced out of their centre in Donetsk, they continued their work with supporting artists and producing artistic activities from Kiev. 



6 new members were approved during TEH Meeting 78

During TEH Meeting 78 hosted by JOHAN centrum (Pilsen, CZ), six cultural centres from three different countries –France, Denmark and Luxembourg– were approved as TEH Members. Welcome to the network! 

Den Ny Maltfabrik 

Ebeltoft, Denmark

Some years ago, the red industrial building –dating back from 1861– in Ebeltoft was to be torn down and replaced by a modern city mall, but a group of passionate local culture and business people raised money to buy the factory and start a cultural centre in it. 

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Le Confort Moderne 

Poitiers, France

Le Confort Moderne, under the management of the L'Oreille est Hardie association, has been engaged since 1985 in the creation, production and diffusion of original works of contemporary art, music and trans-disciplinary experimentation. 

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Lille, France

L’hybride is a cultural and innovative venue located in the center of Lille in a former car repair shop. It stands out thanks to an eclectic programme that explores independent audiovisual creation: short films, animation, interdisciplinary forms and digital arts, independent full-length films, workshops 

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Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde 

Centre des Arts du Cirque et des Cultures Emergentes. Bagneux, France

Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde was established in 1992 in Bagneux (southern suburbs of Paris) by inhabitants who wanted to offer circus workshops to the kids of the area in order to improve their daily life. Currently a new wooden building is being constructed to host a big circus hall of 600 sqm and 28 meters high. 

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Prabbeli / Cooperations 

Wiltz, Luxembourg

The name "Prabbeli" was given to the cultural centre because of the spectacular pyramid roof construction of the building –an old brewery–, but its name also stands for the need to foster the broadest possible participation on the part of the inhabitants of the region. 

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Collectif Tomahawk 

Querrien, France

TOMAHAWK is a an artist's collective based on a 22 hectare farm in south Finistère (Britanny, France). Their core objectives include the diffusion and promotion of independent artists and the optimization of musicians' resources. 

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Bakelit (Budapest, HU) 

Bakelit Multi Art Center proudly presents the I. Hungarian Contemporary Dance Festival at DOCK 11 in Berlin from 15 to 21 December 2014.

The festival will internationally showcase outstanding Hungarian contemporary dance's great variety of genres whilst also strengthening cultural cooperation and mobility between Berlin and Budapest.

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Tomahawk Collective (France) 

Every year Tomahawk Collective organizes a festival that gathers popular music bands, street arts troops, an art and crafts market and a citizen's forum that brigs together around thirty associations to debate about sustainable development and ecology. 

Tomahawk Collective invites other TEH members to participate in the festival by sending artistic proposals (circus, visual arts, performance…). 

Contact Tomahawk

Pro Rodopi Art Centre (Bulgaria) 

In the summer of 2014 Pro Rodopi Art Centre has launched its first own studio in Bostina. Hip-hip-hoorey! The first project held there was the residential project: American Silence, a collaboration between North American (Philadelphia) and Bulgarian artists.


The main building of PRAC is still in very poor contidions and not in use, but activities in the centre are significantly increasing, including including the International Performing Arts Festival Adults Forbidden for kids and young audiences that took place in October. 

Learn more about Pro Rodopi

Antic Teatre and Vyrsodepseio 

The two TEH members Antic Teatre (Barcelona, Spain) and Vyrsodepseio (Athens, Greece), are working together in a cross-border engagement and cultural co-operation programme, as part of the project cav_a, Catalan artists visiting Greek Artists. 

The project consists of two performances of the Catalan artist Pere Faura at Vyrsodepseio and other activities, like meetings with Greek artists and artists-audience after talks, which will be taking place from December 18th to 19th. The second part of the exchange will happen at Antic Teatre on February 2015. 

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Collaboration with 2ème Lieu 

Starting with this edition of the TEH Newsletter and until June 2015, Trans Europe Halles collaborates with the organization 2ème Lieu to present the experiences of independent cultural centers in South America. 


2ème Lieu is a French non-profit organization which believes that independent cultural centers are essential sources for individual imagination and collective prospects.


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During 2013, 2ème Lieu visited 17 independent cultural spaces in South America and interviewed their managers and leaders about eleven different topics related to the management of their centres, paying special attention to issues such as sustainability, territorial integration, communication, etc. 

In this newsletter we are happy to bring you four independent cultural centres from Colombia. This country has a vibrant civil society that is playing a crucial role in strengthening democracy and encouraging peace after years of war and violence. Independent cultural initiatives have proliferated in Bogota and Medellin, and embody the "movida" that generates cultural alternatives to traditional folklore and inherited narco culture from last decades. 

La Redada 

Bogotá, Colombia


The name of the centre –"redada" means raid– is a reference to the activist spirit of the people managing it. “Do-it-yourself” and independence are the philosophy leading this collective experience in which several groups co-run the center without any legal status. 


Watch video


A Seis Manos 

Bogotá, Colombia


A seis manos brings together food and culture. Between tasty and reasonable menus mixing Colombian food with the French touch –2 of the 3 funding partners are French– , people are invited to enjoy a concert, a film or discover a photography exhibition in the art gallery. 


Watch the video


Proyecto Casa B 

Bogotá, Colombia


The “B” is for Belen. Indeed, the three young founders who established this cultural center have one single goal: revitalize the district of Belen, stuck on the symbolic border between rich northern districts of Bogota and the huge and poor southern districts of the 10 million inhabitants city. 


Watch the video


Corp. Cultural Nuestra Gente 

Medellín, Colombia


This multidisciplinary centre –located in a former brothel in a district undermined by poverty and violence– focuses its activities on community emancipation throu art and culture. With a more than 20 year history, Corporación Cultural Nuestra Gente is well known in Medellin.

Watch the video


New publications by the SPACES Project 

SPACES has recently presented two publications: Imaging the Public is a policy paper that brings together experiences of independent cultural actors in Chisinau, Kyiv, Tbilisi and Yerevan. And Cultural Policy Sphere is a catalogue of the activities of the three-year project. Further read below.

SPACES is a three year project (2011-2014) that promotes artistic and cultural action in public spaceand the recuperation of public spaces for art and culture throu participatory art events in public spaces inArmenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Processes of networking, social research and policy debates accompany the in situ events.

In the frame of SPACES, the team of curators invited artists to develop interactive projects in Chisinau, Kyiv, Tbilisi and Yerevan, with the aim to enhance civil society processes, reconsidering public space as a place for free expression, social encounter, shared responsibilities. The SPACES interventions dealt with past, present and imagined futures of spaces and cities, succeeded to change the rhythm of the city, made private acts public, irritated – all against the background of the burning question: How far can the citizen get actively involved into current political discourses? 

The Status and Challenges of the Independent Cultural Actors in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine 

This cultural policy paper is the result of three 

years of policy research. It traces and maps independent cultural actors and emerging contemporary cultural and artistic practices in Chişinau, Kyiv, Tbilisi and Yerevan, and invites the reader to explore this new, dynamic cultural field. 

Download the book

Cultural Public Sphere 

This publication explores the development of a cultural public sphere in Eastern Europe. Framed by reflections on the past, it invites the reader to follow the contemporary experiences of the project SPACES – Sustainable Public Areas for Culture in Eastern Countries which were developed in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine from 2011 to 2014. 

Buy the book

OPPORTUNITIES – Provided by On The Move 


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COAL Prize 2015: Art and Environment

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ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Finland)

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Cultural Fellowships in Russia

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Swedish Institute: Young Leaders Visitors Programme

European Diploma in Cultural Project Management 2015/2016

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