TEH Newsletter 2014 #2 – THE ART OF EARNING MONEY at "The Future is not what it used to be"

Dear artists, activists, squatters and dreamers, 

The future is not what it used to be. This might mean that times have changed. Not necessarily for the better or for the worse. They are just different. Previous assumptions about our society don't seem to be so reliable anymore… and culture is not an exception. "The future is not what it used to be"conference provocatively questions what the prospects are for cultural organizations and organizers operating in a future of reduced resources and a changing European society. In this newsletter we bring you the whole conference's programme and some information about its hosts.

Along with some news from our members, we want to inspire you with three of the latest documents added to Trans Europe Halles' Resource: a good practice, a case study and… a good idea!

Birgitta Persson & José Luis Rodríguez.

Trans Europe Halles' Coordination Office. Lund, Sweden. 

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Trans Europe Halles' long-term goal is to strengthen the sustainable development of the independent cultural sector, especially cultural centres and organisations initiated by citizens and artists. TEH's facebook


New Culture Strategies Conference – Amsterdam 2-4 April 2014 

The Future Is Not What It Used To Be, hosted by Trans Europe Halles, Melkweg and P60, is a three-day, interdisciplinary working conference on new culture strategies. It examines future prospects for cultural organisations and organisers operating with shrinking resources, and provides opportunities for increased knowledge exchange between the cultural, commercial and social sectors.

Below you can find further information about the host cultural centres and the conference's programme. If you really want to attend, stop hesitating: there aren't many places left. Enroll now! Conference's website


Creative Business Models – The Art of Earning Money 

What’s in it for you?

To learn, discuss and start an in-depth analysis about how to develop new business models and extend existing ones for arts and culture organisations that are financially viable, realistic and sustainable.

This workshop will be the launch of the R&D phase of a larger, planned TEH European project and there is the opportunity for continued involvement in it for interested workshop participants.Read more…

Power to the People: Strategic Marketing through Audience Development 

What’s in it for you?

The last decade showed the biggest shift in information consumption since the rise of television 50 years ago. Mass media are losing power to social media, consumers are quickly becoming less passive and more influential.

There’s need for a new approach to culture marketing, putting the audience in the middle of you marketing strategy. This route offers you inspiring expert visions, hands-on cases from the cultural field and practical tools to create your own, audience-based marketing strategy. Read more…

A Culture for a Sustainable Change

What’s in it for you?

There are always creative ways to improve an organisation, especially when it comes to incorporating sustainability into your daily work routine. But are you ready to make a commitment to sustainability as a fundament of your organisation?

Participants will work on a strategy addressing key issues on how to improve the ecological sustainability of a cultural centre, using P60 as a case study. Read more…

Creative Collaboration and Structured Idea Development 

What’s in it for you?

This workshop embeds the fundamental principles of creative leadership and teamwork in the hearts, minds and bodies of the participants. Along with a number of highly effective innovation tools and methods, the participants will be introduced to an overall framework and mind-set for working with new ideas.

– Insights into creativ
e team work and leadership

– Concrete tools for facilitating creativity and innovation that can be applied into your day-to-day life and work. Read more…

Reclaiming Public Space 

What’s in it for you? 

How to secure, protect and develop public space for and by citizens, as a cultural necessity. A facilitated think-tank with challenging interventions from invited guests (Spain, Turkey, Iran, Croatia) to stimulate a debate and to identify possible future actions around this timely issue.

The sharing of case studies and real experiences; reflections on past events that have led to this think-tank, especially the conferences New Times New Models (Maribor, Slovenia – 2010) and Ens Toca! (Sant Boi, Barcelona, Spain – 2013). Read more…

Campaigning for Your Life 

What’s in it for you?

Four things: 1) a solid campaign training on targetgroup analysis, messaging and pitching you message to the media, your (potential) visitors, your partners and your (local) government; 2) a set of skills and materials to give that training to your colleagues back home; 3) insights in dozens of successful campaigns to cherrypick from and; 4) three campaign experts with a combined experience 40 years. Read more…

Art for Art’s Sake 

What’s in it for you?

A chance to engage actively in a debate about the future of art in the community and gain some practical skills to assist your own community engagement.


Arc theatre was founded by theatre practitioners Clifford Oliver and Carole Pluckrose in 1984. The company has a history of producing excellent theatre, challenging stereotypes and meeting, head on, the issues that form and change our society. Read more…

The Resurrection of the Local 

What’s in it for you?

We live in a time when we cannot rely on funding for culture, and in which we are becoming more and more convinced that initiatives have to be driven from a local perspective and with local resources.

You will learn how to establish local relevance, source local resources (materials, finances), and invent locally sustainable models (architecturally, but also economically) to operate a cultural initiative. Read more…

Informal Professional Development

A workshop introducing you in-depth to the new Erasmus+ programme. Aimed at: Organisations that work with volunteers and/or the European Voluntary Service (EVS), that want to have more volunteer participation, and/or that want to use Erasmus+ with at least two other European partners. This workshop is also suitable for students/volunteers.

What’s in it for you?

You will gain new insights into volunteering and work on an Erasmus+ application with feedback from the Erasmus+ agency. Read more…

Prepare for the Future with Scenario Planning 

The future is unpredictable and full of uncertain developments and events. One thing is certain: major changes are occurring on all levels of analysis. Demographics change through aging and zero population growth, public finance is under pressure, technology changes cultural consumption patterns…

What’s in it for you?

Learn about the future of the cultural sector; engage with your colleagues and explore trends together; learn how to make scenarios and apply the scenario method yourself; increase your capacity for strategic thinking and flexibility. Read more…

Moving Europe – A Joint Effort for the Arts 

What’s in it for you?

If we want to accomplish real change, we better get organised now. To multiply the effect of our single efforts to influence political decisions and create public support, this Coordination Meeting is the flying start of an intensified and structured collaboration between European networks and organisations advocating for the arts.

How can networks engage their members to engage their audiences and communities all over Europe? The challenges are staggering, yet there is nothing worse than not trying. Read more…


About the host: Melkweg 

Melkweg is a multi-disciplinary cultural centre, which focuses on music (new dance developments on the one hand, world music on the other) as well as theatre (cross-over of new theatre with dance, visual arts, performance-art and new media). The cinema offers opinionated programming and concentrates on peripheral genres. The programming of the photo-gallery focuses on portraits, social and political topics in addition to video-manifestations (in the video room as well as during festivals), and projects concerning new media. Melkweg is an important player and a producer in the Amsterdam festival scene as a venue as well as an organisation (Amsterdam Roots Festival, World Wide Video Festival, Crossing Border, a.o.). Melkweg's website

About the host: P60 

P60 is a venue for pop, culture and multimedia in Amstelveen, Netherlands next to Amsterdam airport. The centre opened on 1st November 2001. P60 hosts various concerts, dance events, multimedia, theatre, literature and fashion workshops etc., and the centre collaborates with other local cultural institutions, courses and art schools. P60 is run by a 12-strong staff and 65 volunteers.

P60's activities:

Media, Clubs, Live music, Visual art/Exhibitions, Film screenings, Programmes for supporting emerging artists, Festivals, Community Projects, Artists in residency, Educational programmes, Dance performances, International exchanges. P60's website

ERE powers "The Future…" 

"The Future Is Not What It Used To Be" is organised by Trans Europe Halles, Melkweg & P60 in partnership with a.o. VNPF, Live DMA, On the Move and ACMC. It is powered by Engine Room Europe (ERE), a three-year project dedicated to independent cultural workers and their creative processes, and financed by the Culture Programme of the European Commission. The conference is supported by ECF and Gemeente Amstelveen. More about ERE


Europe Grand Central Project 

From 12-14 February, TEH's Coordination Office in Lund (Sweden) hosted a preparatory meeting for the international project "Europe Grand Central", with 10 partners from 8 countries: Roberto Cimetta Fund (France), Laminarie DOM (Italy), Manifature Knos (Italy), Vyrsodepseio (Greece), Workshops of Culture (Poland), Schlachthof (Germany), Tabacka KulturFabrik (Slovakia), Not Quite (Sweden), Project Borders (Sweden/USA) and Trans Europe Halles. Read more about Borders Project, Europe Grand Central's leader partner


Izolyatsia launches the first Ukranian LITFEST  

Aware of the raising awareness, especially among the new generation, on the importance of  the intellectual debate and the interchange of  ideas, IZOLYATSIA will dynamite the literary scene with a new concept in literature festivals. While books remaining fundamental, the focus would be in the interaction between writers and readers. Read more…

Tabačka Kulturfabrik works on Audience Development 

Tabačka Kulturfabrik (Košice, Slovakia) is working on Audience development project which consists from audience analysis and more intersting for you, from new video format FLASHBACKS. Its a regular series of short videos showing the highlights from life in the centre, concerts, theatre, screenings, parties, backstage and lots of customer having fun.Read more…

OZU: Talking to Wheat 

It is all about us, our bodies and our health.

(And of course our community, environment and nature). An inspiring weekend of lectures, stories, field tours, cooking workshops and great food. Presented by Dr. Uri Mayer-Chissick. 

18-20 July 2014 at OZU cultural centre. Monteleone Sabino, Italy.Read more…

Workshops fo Culture: European Residency Programme 

Workshops fo Culture (Lublin, Poland) -TEH firend organisation– together with Avan Art Foundation from Wrocław and other Partners from Europe is lauching a special programme for residencies. We are looking for partners who would like to share knowledge, experiences and join the platform for cooperation. Contact: Agata Will


Idea: Turning Ex-staff into Community 

An often overseen but valuable resource can be ex-staff members of your organisation. The Top Ten describes how Moritzsbastei (Leipzig, Germany) succesfully turned their former colleagues into a 400 people strong resource for the center. Go to The Resource

Good Practice: IFACCAs Arts Advocacy Guide 

This Good Practice Guide is for anyone interested in advocating for the arts. The publication provides topics for development of arguments, good campaign practice, arts advocacy campaign cases, and links to other resources. Go to The Resource

Case Study: 220VOLT! 

In July 2013 the finale of Fabryka Sztuki’s project 220VOLT! took the streets of Łódź. The 8 projects –ranged from public input on the urban architecture– were designed and executed by groups of experienced volunteers getting the chance to grab the project lead and work together with a diverse group of other Europeans. Go to The Resource



Benches for Europe! > Call for entries for European designers (Strasbourg, France).

CYNETART Awards 2014: call for media artists in the field of new technologies (Dresden, Germany).

Call for artistic sites and site-specific artworks in Trani (Puglia, Italy).

Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC): Calls for Grants (2014).

UNESCO: International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD): Fifth Call for Funding Request. 


FEST LIVE: Open platform showcase for new physical theatre (Liverpool, UK).

The Brooks International Fellowship Programme, London (UK) > Open call for South Asia-focused curators, researchers or art historians.

ENOA (European Network of Opera Academies) – Call for proposals (semi stage concerts).

INTPA – International Net for Dance and Performance Austria – Funding for outgoing mobility. 


Museum of the History of the Polish Jews – Education in Action / programme of artistic residencies (Varsaw, Poland)

Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art of Bourges (France): Open call for residency projects.

Soil Culture Artist Residencies > disclosing the importance of soil (United Kingdom).

OPEN CALL: 1 month fully funded residency at GeoAIR – Tbilisi, Georgia.

Casino Luxembourg: a new residency programme OUT in the public space.

Central European Initiative Writers in Residence Fellowship for the year 2014 – Call for applications. 


Roberto Cimetta Fund > Internship (Copenhagen, Belgrade and Paris).

European Cultural Foundation > Short term contract: Project officer, R&D advocacy (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

Julie's Bicycle is hiring in London (United Kingdom).