Welcome to TEH Newsletter #1 2013, featuring the latest news from Trans Europe Halles!

2013 marks the 30 years anniversary of Trans Europe Halles. In March 1983, 5 centres initiated the network in Les Halles de Schaerbeek (Brussels, Belgium), a network which now gathers 48 members and 15 Friends in 25 countries. This year, we will celebrate!!

It is said that 30 years is the age of maturity: a good time for us to start planning for the future! We are now working on new plans and strategies and all Members and Friends will be invited to discuss them during the next TEH Meeting in NOASS (Riga, Latvia), 23-26th of May. Registration for this meeting will open in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on your mail box! You might find your invitation in there.

We also started digging into TEH history and we already found some treasures that you can discover in this Newsletter. Stay tuned: there will be more to come.

And as usual, many exciting projects and events are happening in our Member centres such as spaghetti architecture, travels around Europe, or unusual artistic residencies. Take a look at their news: a lot of good stories are unfold every day.

Trans Europe Halles is a European Network of Independent Cultural Centres. The TEH Newsletter is produced by the TEH Coordination Office in Lund, Sweden.

Anaïd Sayrin
EVS Volunteer


TEH is looking for a new Communication Manager

TEH is in an expansive phase and in the midst of delivering a big European project called Engine Room Europe. The communication of the network and its activities is a key task for the office team and we are therefore now looking for a dynamic and highly motivated Communication Manager to join us as soon as possible.

Deadline for application: 19th of February

Read the full description of the position on the website.

Lost files in Brussels: 30 years of Meeting Reports found in the archives!
The research started last year in our own archives led us to real forgotten treasures.

EVS Volunteer Virginia Domina and Phillipe Grombeer, one of the founder of TEH, went down to the basement of Les Halles de Schaerbeek to dig into the documents accumulated there. Here, they found all the missing meeting reports, old files, pictures and brochures, and brought them back to Lund!

30 years of history are now gathered in our Office! These reports will be downloaded on the website very soon. For now, take a look at the complete list of meetings, with their time and place. Maybe it will bring back some good memories?

Check out the list of all the TEH Meetings!

Portugal is for sale!
Delayed fundings, big cuts in the culture budget and a lot of people leaving the country for the former colonies. Portugal is one of many countries that have been hit very hard by the financial crisis.

How do they cope with the hard times and is there still hope? Ada Arduini (Interzona, Italy) and Meeting Coordinator Maja Lindquist went to Lisbon, to take the temperature of the independent culture scene and see what’s still cooking in the very southwest corner of Europe.

Read the report…


Latest from Engine Room Europe
TEH's three-year network project Engine Room Europe (May 2011–April 2014) is spreading its wings and launching new activities all over the continent. Follow the section below to get informed about the upcoming ERE activities and the ways to get involved!

Voices of the volunteers: the story of Carl and Linus, participants in the 220 Volts! project in Fabryka Sztuki.

In December, Carl Stenqvist and Linus Lindgren, 24 years old, had the chance to fly to Lodz, Poland, and take part in the 220 Volts! project in Fabryka Sztuki. The first one is studying urban planning, the other one communication, and both of them are volunteers in Mejeriet (Lund, Sweden), another TEH centre.

They tell us the story of their Polish week, and the start of this project which gives young volunteers the opportunity to get a professional training on cultural management through very concrete projects. A professional training, indeed, but also a strong personal experience, as it seems.

Read their story…


Call for participants: New activities, great names and good opportunities at OZU cultural centre.
OZU (Monteleone Sabino, Italy) starts 2013 with a lot of new workshops in the fields they are mostly involved in: food, writing, dance and music.

Attention! It is still possible to have a 15% discount on the improvisation and choreographic composition workshop, Spazi di vita, by applying before the 16th of February.
Check out the programme for the whole year and the next deadlines for application…

Call for partners: Do you want to host DOM’s creative journey from Romania to Paris?
During the summer 2013, TEH Member DOM La Cupola del Pilastro (Bologna, Italy) and their theatre company Laminarie will go on a trip overland, similar to the one that Constantin Brancusi carried out by foot from Romania to Paris. This journey is part of a theatre project dedicated to the life of the sculptor. Along the way, the group wants to organise four creative stop-over in other cultural organisations.

Are you willing to host a piece of their journey?
More information about the project.

“Put all the shit together and you’re going to have a good soup”: recipe for an artistic residency in Culture Factory Polymer.

Culture Factory Polymer, the old toy factory in Tallinn, Estonia, has a year round international artist residency program. But their residencies are maybe a bit different from what you already know. Ernest Truely, coordinator of these residencies, invites you to a guided tour behind the gigantic walls of the factory, and introduces the specific rules of the building.

Read them carefully! They might save your life.

Enter the Factory…

Travel with Stanica in TEH centres!

Stanica (Zilina, Slovakia) shortens the distance between TEH Members! Their new initiative, the “Kunstbus”, brings the participants in a one-day trip to another European country.

On the 9th of December, the bus traveled to Vienna, Austria, where the group had the chance to visit WUK, one of the biggest cultural centres in Europe, but also another TEH Member.

Look at the pictures!

Spaghetti architecture and vibrobots: Learning the techniques of digital technology in a playful way with IZOLYATSIA.

Did you ever consider spaghetti as a material for an architecture project? This is one of the ideas IZOLYATSIA had in order to prepare children and adults for their IZOLAB, the first digital studio in Ukraine to be opened soon. Through playful workshops, participants started discovering all the possibilities that the digital technology will offer to them in the future.
Read and watch!


On the Move: charter for cultural mobility
On the Move, the cultural mobility information network, launches "Move on! Cultural mobility for beginners": tips and links for young, emerging, and more experienced artists willing to live an experience abroad and looking for practical hints.

Download for free in English, French and Italian (German coming soon).

Culture Action Europe: report from the Conference.
In November 2012, Culture Action Europe held their bi-annual Conference and General Assembly in Brussels. Secretary General Birgitta Persson was invited to speak about the influence by cultural actors on local policies and societies.

Read the report of the conference and dowload Birgitta Persson's presentation.


Upcoming events in TEH in February

22-24/02: Think Tank on Sustainability in Mains d'Oeuvres (Saint Ouen, France).

Call for partners: Artists and cultural organisations for European project Recognize Me! with French theatre company, Compagnie de l’Arcade.
Call for participants: Europe of theatres festival 2013, a festival dedicated to translation in the theatre field.
ECF Collaboration grants: a grant for cultural organisations working together across different countries of wider Europe.
Call for applications: Out Now! Festival 2013 in Bremen (Germany).
Call for residencies: Research into the unknown – dance improvisational laboratory in Budapest (Hungary)
Call for visual artists: Creart project – artistic residencies in Linz, Austria
Kulturkontakt Nord: Mobility support for residents in Nordic and Baltic countries.
Lists of artistic residencies in Germany on the Goethe Institute's website.