Support Writing about Theatre and Reconciliation in Conflict Zones (Democratic Republic of Congo)

With its theater organization & Reconciliation, theater director Frédérique Lecomte Belgian scene has been pursuing a very important work in conflict areas, mainly in Burundi and Congo. 

She creates and puts on shows with former child soldiers, prisoners and victims of torture, women victims of violence; of vulnerable people trying to survive in very precarious conditions. By giving them a voice so they can express their trauma but also their deepest aspirations, it allows them to rebuild in the dignity of self, respect for others and a glimpse of the future. 

For over ten years, Frédérique Lecomte has built over its projects, a method dedicated to the empowerment of participants through the practice of a theater that is both intense and moving; a theater truly transformative both for those who play for the thousands of spectators who attend the performances. 

This method, she tried to formalize, to share it with other artists. She designed a book that is both a practical guide that can be used as a benchmark for other theatrical experiences in conflict zones and an account of his own journey into the painful history of Central Africa. 

This is a unique and original book, which will be an important contribution to the understanding of what art in general and theater in particular, can lead to the reconstruction of souls in post-war countries. 

The book offers: 

– Two stories Frédérique Lecomte on experiments conducted in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi, 

– A work report of the director Ewout D'Hoore, who accompanied one of the creations, 

– Tests of contextualization on building peace in the Great Lakes region and in the theater of operation (by Marie-Soleil Frère and Karel Van Haesebrouck, both professors at the Free University of Brussels) 

– A series of striking photographs taken throughout the work of Frédérique Lecomte in Central Africa, by Véronique Vercheval Géminel and Benjamin, 

– An original outline of the method invented and developed by Theatre and Reconciliation that can own all those who wish to emulate it. 

However, implementing such a book is expensive … The publisher is committed to prepare and disseminate it can not balance its budget production without your help … 


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What do we offer you in return? 

– Tempting as you discover the site counterparties; 

– Pleasure to make your small contribution to an ambitious undertaking mobilization theater practice to heal the wounds of the souls of people weakened by conflict; 

– As well as the gratitude of all those former child soldiers in South Kivu prisoners or victims of torture in Burundi, found in the work done with Frédérique Lecomte a door to the future. 

Make this book a reality and that this unique project is known to the majority.

With our warmest thanks. 

Frédérique Lecomte