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Mr. Kaveh Ayreek needs your monetary help to complete his "Shirin" theater.

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Description of Kaveh Ayreek,

 Kaveh Ayreek is an Afghan mime artist, writer, director and actor currently residing in Kabul Afghanistan. His dream is to bring some relief to his post-war society, and help relieve their traumas of war through his art. 'Shirin', meaning sweet, in Farsi, is  one of the many plays he has written. But the thought of Shirin is not leaving him alone. Neither does the pains of Shirin. As he puts it himself '‌Shirin is the symbol of Afghan women's resistance and perseverance in one of the most male dominated societies of today's world, Afghanistan.' So he has to do something bigger with it. His Shirin (Sweet) dream is to start the first Shadow theatre in Afghanistan, 'Shirin's Theatre'. But he himself does not have the resources to start it. He has asked many people inside Afghanistan to help him launch it, but has not received any positive response yet. But he is determined to change that through his art, a society that has to start enjoying art and supports it. Afghanistan is a post-war country that needs people like Kaveh to start something new and different than what people are used to, war and devastation.

As one of his friends, I felt obligated to raise the amount he needs to start this. Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated and will be put to right use.  Please consider helping Kaveh's Dream of Shirin come true. 

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Kaveh's Work

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